– Viriom’s 20mg Daily Elsulfavirine (Elpida®)-based Regimen Demonstrated High Efficacy in High and Low HIV Titer Patients with Significantly Improved Safety Compared with 600mg Efavirenz-based Regimens –

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA I July 25, 2017 I Viriom, Inc (Viriom), a San Diego-based biotech company, today announced that on June 30, 2017 the Russian Ministry of Health (MoH) granted an approval to Viriom’s non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) elsulfavirine (brand name Elpida®). Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors block HIV replication. The labeling requested was for the “treatment of HIV-1 infection in combination with other antiretroviral medicines.” Viriom’s first product on the market, elsulfavirine is a new-generation, potentially the best in class prodrug NNRTI approved for the treatment of the HIV-1 virus due to its potency, pharmacokinetic properties and favorable resistance profile.

The Russian MoH based its approval of elsulfavirine on the results of a 48-week multicenter comparative clinical study conducted in 12 clinical centers.  The results presented to the MoH confirmed an efficacy non-inferior to efavirenz (currently used as a first-line treatment of HIV-1); elsulfavirine demonstrated equally superior efficacy in patients with a high or low HIV titer at baseline.  Overall, it was 2-4 times safer and better tolerated than efavirenz including a lower frequency of adverse events related to the CNS, with no allergic reactions or skin rash observed. Elsulfavirine demonstrated a higher genetic barrier to the development of resistant drug mutations. Elsulfavirine is available as a 20mg capsule to be taken orally. Viriom is continuing the development of fixed dose combinations of elsulfavirine for the treatment of the HIV-1 infection and working towards market registration of elsulfavirine and fixed dose combinations globally. Viriom is also developing long-acting, injectable formulations of parent drug VM1500A for treatment and prevention of the HIV-1 infection based on the unique pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of elsulfavirine demonstrated in clinical trials to date.

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SOURCE: Viriom