SAN FRANCISCO, CA, USA I October 18, 2017 I Trianni, Inc. (“TRIANNI”) today announced that Juno Therapeutics (NASDAQ: JUNO) has entered into a license agreement for The Trianni Mouse™, a best-­in-class monoclonal antibody discovery platform. Juno intends to use The Trianni Mouse with its proprietary high throughput, single cell sequencing technology and direct-­to-­CAR screening to rapidly identify fully-human binders for conversion to chimeric antigen receptors in its engineered T cell programs.

“TRIANNI is pleased to bolster Juno’s lead generation capabilities through a license to The Trianni Mouse,” stated Dr. David Meininger, TRIANNI’s Chief Business Officer. “We are confident that Juno’s deep expertise in developing engineered T cells will potently synergize with the industry-leading human antibody repertoires provided by The Trianni Mouse.”

“The Trianni Mouse offers an in vivo platform for generating a diverse human antibody response to tumor targets of interest,” said Hy Levitsky, M.D., Juno’s Chief Scientific Officer.

“We look forward to using the technology to advance our discovery efforts and build more effective, next-­generation CAR T cells.”

No financial details were disclosed.

About Trianni, Inc.
Trianni, Inc. is a privately held biotech company specializing in antibody discovery technology. TRIANNI’s lead technology, The Trianni Mouse™, is a powerful, next-­generation platform enabling efficient generation of fully-­ human monoclonal antibodies. TRIANNI’s transgenic platform leverages a novel approach to design made possible by advances in DNA synthesis and genomic modification technology making it a best-­in-­class therapeutic antibody discovery platform. The company  is  headquartered  in  San  Francisco,  CA.  Additional information about TRIANNI is available through its corporate website,

SOURCE: Trianni