BOSTON, MA, USA I May 29, 2024 I TransCode Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ: RNAZ), the RNA oncology company committed to more effectively treating cancer using RNA therapeutics, today announced new preliminary data from its Phase 0 clinical trial with radiolabeled TTX-MC138 suggesting anti-tumor activity.

New results from the patient dosed in this trial indicate that a microdose of radiolabeled TTX-MC138 resulted in significant inhibition of the drug candidate’s molecular target, miRNA-10b, in the patient’s blood. Specifically, after injection, the amount of miR-10b in the patient’s blood was significantly reduced compared to levels prior to administration of radiolabeled TTX-MC138, reaching a reduction of 66% at 24 hours following dosing. “We believe these data are important given that in several animal models, miRNA-10b inhibition by TTX-MC138 resulted in complete regressions of metastatic disease,” stated Zdravka Medarova, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at TransCode. These data support TransCode’s belief that clinical development of TTX-MC138 has the potential for clinical benefit in patients with metastatic cancer.

In addition, the study also quantified the amount of drug candidate delivered to metastatic lesions, providing further evidence that TTX-MC138 accumulated in metastatic tumors. The increase of radioactive lesion-to-blood ratios suggests that circulating TTX-MC138 is actively taken up by the cancerous tissue.

The microdose of radiolabeled TTX-MC138 was well tolerated with no adverse events observed.

“These new data suggest that TTX-MC138 not only inhibits the miRNA-10b target but is pharmacodynamically active at a single microdose in the patient’s serum, supporting continued clinical development of TTX-MC138 for the treatment of multiple metastatic cancers in the planned Phase 1 clinical study.  This could indicate a much broader therapeutic window than had previously been expected,” said Dr. Daniel Vlock, TransCode’s Chief Medical Officer.

Full data analysis is ongoing and will be included in the final study report.

About TransCode Therapeutics

TransCode is a clinical-stage oncology company focused on treating metastatic disease. The company is committed to defeating cancer through the intelligent design and effective delivery of RNA therapeutics based on its proprietary TTX nanoparticle platform. The company’s lead therapeutic candidate, TTX-MC138, is focused on treating metastatic tumors which overexpress microRNA-10b, a unique, well-documented biomarker of metastasis. In addition, TransCode is developing a portfolio of first-in-class RNA therapeutic candidates designed to overcome the challenges of RNA delivery and thus unlock therapeutic access to a variety of novel genetic targets that could be relevant to treating a variety of cancers.

SOURCE: Transcode Therapeutics