Combined companies will go forward as a platform company developing T-type calcium channel antagonists for oncologic and neurologic diseases

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, USA I August 28, 2014 I Tau Therapeutics LLC and Xdynia LLC announced today that they have merged; the surviving entity in the merger, Tau Therapeutics LLC, has been renamed Cavion LLC. The merger was approved by the managers and shareholders of both Tau Therapeutics and Xdynia. The name “Cavion” reflects the combined company’s therapeutic approach of selectively inhibiting the Cav3 ion channel (T-type calcium channel).

Both Tau Therapeutics and Xdynia have been developing T-type calcium channel inhibitors for separate indications. Tau Therapeutics has worked to develop T-type calcium channel antagonists that improve the efficacy of standard chemotherapies and radiation therapies against solid tumor cancers. Xdynia has focused on inhibiting the T-type calcium channel to provide better treatments for the prevention and treatment of neuropathic pain and other neurologic diseases. The goal of the merger is to create a platform company with a portfolio of valuable oncology and neurology preclinical and clinical stage assets, thereby increasing the probability of developing multiple successful drugs in both the oncology and neurology programs.

“The oncology and neurology fields predominate in diseases of high unmet medical need,” stated Cavion president and CEO Andrew Krouse, MALS. “The combination of Tau Therapeutics and Xdynia into one platform company will increase our ability to create innovative therapies for patients suffering with life-altering illnesses. We also believe that the merger adds tremendous value and even greater up-side potential than if either company moved forward alone.”

Cavion is currently conducting a multi-site NCI Adult Brain Tumor Consortium sponsored Phase 1b clinical trial of its proof of concept drug, mibefradil, administered with temozolomide to patients with recurrent glioblastoma. Cavion and the Yale Cancer Center have also launched a Phase 1b trial in recurrent brain cancer testing the use of mibefradil to enhance the effect of radiation on tumors by blocking the non-homologous end joining that DNA strands use to repair themselves after radiation. The company hopes to study the efficacy of a T-type calcium channel inhibitor against neuropathic pain in a Phase 2 clinical trial to commence in 2015. In addition to having mibefradil as a successful proof of concept, Cavion has accelerated its drug development program to create follow-on compounds with improved efficacy, safety and target selectivity.

Xdynia’s president and now Cavion’s Vice President of Neurology and Senior Medical Director, Yuri Maricich, MD, MBA, said, “I am excited to continue Xdynia’s mission to improve the lives of patients with neuropathic pain as part of Cavion.”

About Cavion LLC

Cavion LLC is a privately held clinical stage platform pharmaceutical company creating therapies engaging the T-type calcium channel (Cav3) for the treatment of neurologic and oncologic diseases. The T-type calcium channel is an emerging molecular target for cancer and pain.

Cavion is conducting a multi-site NCI Adult Brain Tumor Consortium-sponsored Phase 1b clinical trial of the T-type calcium channel blocker mibefradil administered with temozolomide in brain cancer and a Yale University-sponsored Phase 1 trial of mibefradil combined with hypofractionated radiation therapy.

About Tau Therapeutics LLC

Tau Therapeutics is a clinical stage, private biotechnology company ushering in a new class of oncology drugs for solid tumors. From its drug discovery platform, Tau is developing new chemical entities that control the cell cycle and differentiates cancer stem cells by selectively inhibiting the T-type calcium channel – Cav3. Tau’s proprietary knowledge of Cav3 and its ability to develop tailored T-type calcium channel blockers offer a non-toxic and potentially indispensable addition to emerging chemotherapy cocktails.

About Xdynia LLC

Xdynia LLC is a pharmaceutical company developing non-toxic, non-opioid drugs that inhibit Cav3.2 for the treatment of neuropathic pain and neurologic diseases. Xdynia’s library of Cav3.2 inhibitors were developed by world experts in T-type calcium channels.

SOURCE: Xdynia