Servier strengthens its commitment to oncology through the launch of a trailblazing strategy, focused on honing its expertise in precision oncology to drive patient-centric impact

Phase 1b data demonstrates safety profile and preliminary anti-tumor activity for anti-TIM3 (S095018, Sym023) in combination with anti-PD-1 in biliary tract cancer.

Phase 1 dose escalation biomarker data reveals the potential for anti-CD73 (S095024, Sym024) to prevent adenosine-mediated tumor evasion, supporting further clinical investigation.

BOSTON, MA, USA I April 8, 2024 I Servier, a science driven company focused on developing transformative precision therapies for patients, is poised to unveil promising preliminary data at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2024. These submissions also demonstrate Servier’s commitment to its One Innovation Engine approach to scientific advancements.

Research to be presented includes biomarker data from a phase 1 dose escalation study of the anti-CD73 antibody (S095024, Sym024) alone or in combination with anti-PD-1. The data illustrates dose dependent target engagement in the tumor and reveals the potential of anti-CD73 to prevent adenosine-mediated tumor evasion.

“Biomarkers play a critical role in shaping the development of precision medicines, providing profound insights into the mechanisms of action behind therapeutic interventions,” said Walid Kamoun, Vice President, Global Head of R&D Oncology at Servier. “As Servier has honed its oncology strategy, we are committed to leveraging our proven patient-selection centric approach to seamlessly connect the preclinical and clinical phases and, ultimately, deliver potentially transformative clinical benefits for patients in need.”

Noteworthy, research also includes a Phase 1b multicenter study of anti-TIM3 (S095018, Sym023) in combination with anti-PD1 in patients with advanced/metastatic biliary duct cancer, which illustrates the safety of the combination as well as early anti-tumor activity.

“As a leading force in the rapidly evolving field of oncology, Servier distinguishes itself through a unique advantage: our private governance model. This empowers us to swiftly adapt and implement dynamic strategies, ensuring a sustained competitive edge,” stated Claude Bertrand, Executive Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer at Servier. “As we participate in AACR alongside leading minds in cancer research, we are committed to inspiring scientific advancements for the betterment of patients and survivors from bench to bedside.”

To access Servier’s abstracts for AACR, please visit their website.

About Servier Research and Development

Servier is a pioneering force, deeply rooted in scientific inquiry and committed to delivering breakthroughs that meet the unmet needs of patients worldwide. Guided by a steadfast commitment to advancing healthcare without the constraints of short-term shareholder interests, Servier operates under the stewardship of a non-profit foundation.

Committed to oncology and neuroscience research, Servier harnesses the collective brilliance of its research and development teams across France, Denmark, the U.S., and beyond to craft transformative treatment solutions. Allocating over 20% of its revenue annually to research and development, Servier is unwavering in its pursuit of innovative discoveries across its therapeutic areas.

Through strategic partnerships and global research alliances, Servier leverages synergies and invests in core research domains to propel healthcare innovation forward. These collaborations serve as conduits to diverse perspectives, state-of-the-art technologies, and burgeoning markets, fortifying Servier’s position as a trailblazer in the healthcare landscape.

Servier’s One Innovation Engine approach reflects its commitment to advancing scientific discoveries and delivering innovative medicines to address unmet medical needs. By combining internal research efforts with collaborations and partnerships with external entities, Servier aims to accelerate the development and delivery of potential treatments to patients. By leveraging both internal expertise and external collaborations, Servier aims to harness a diverse range of scientific insights, technologies, and resources to accelerate the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative medicines.

With a blend of commercial acumen, expansive global reach, scientific prowess, and a steadfast commitment to clinical excellence, Servier is resolutely committed to ushering in a brighter future for the patients it serves.

SOURCE: Servier Pharmaceuticals