PARIS, France I July 12, 2021 I Servier, a global independent pharmaceutical Group, and Nymirum, a pioneer in RNA-targeted small molecules, announced today that they have entered into a strategic collaboration to identify and develop RNA-modulatory drugs for the treatment of neurological diseases.

Under the collaboration agreement, Nymirum will leverage its proprietary DART Platform (Dynamic Atomic-Resolution RNA Targeting Platform) to discover novel small molecule therapeutics for multiple neurological targets. Servier is responsible for joint preclinical development and has the right to pursue further development on the current targets as well as expand the scope of the collaboration. The collaboration provides Nymirum with an initial payment, followed by future success payments.

“We are excited to pair Nymirum’s expertise in targeting RNA with Servier’s experience in CNS (Central Nervous System) to advance transformative therapies. The ability to resolve and leverage RNA’s dynamic structure opens a new chapter for drug discovery, enabling novel programs across all therapeutic areas,” said Joshua Fairbank, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Nymirum. “Thanks to its expertise in CNS and small molecule therapeutics, Servier is a valuable partner in this collaboration, and together we look forward to accelerating the search for treatments for patients with severe neurological disorders.”

“This new collaboration is the opportunity to progress innovative RNA-targeted approaches towards clinical assessment in patients with very limited or absent treatment options,” stated Ross Jeggo, Global Head of Neuroscience and Immuno-inflammation Therapeutic Area at Servier. “We are delighted to work in partnership with Nymirum on multiple drug discovery projects, harnessing their platform to deliver RNA-targeting small molecules for neurodegenerative diseases. The therapeutic advantage associated to a small molecule versus other DNA- or RNA-based approaches is truly innovative and very promising for potential treatments for patients suffering from disorders of the central nervous system.”

About Servier

Servier is a global pharmaceutical group governed by a Foundation. With a strong international presence in 150 countries and a total revenue of 4.7 billion euros in 2020, Servier employs 22,500 people worldwide. Servier is an independent group that invests over 20% of its brand-name revenue in Research and Development every year. To accelerate therapeutic innovation for the benefit of patients, the Group is committed to open and collaborative innovation with academic partners, pharmaceutical groups, and biotech companies. It also integrates the patient’s voice at the heart of its activities, from research to support beyond the pill.

A leader in cardiology, the ambition of the Servier Group is to become a renowned and innovative player in oncology. Its growth is based on a sustained commitment to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, oncology, neuroscience and immune-inflammatory diseases. To promote access to healthcare for all, the Servier Group also offers a range of quality generic drugs covering most pathologies. More information:

About Nymirum

Nymirum’s mission is to unlock the power of RNA with small molecules to enable the advancement of transformative medicine. Nymirum’s DART Platform first rapidly resolves and experimentally validates the dynamic atomic-resolution structures of RNA targets. The platform then enables the screening of vast chemical space to identify novel hits that are advanced by structure-based optimization and design. Nymirum develops internal and external programs across several therapeutic areas and disease-modifying mechanisms. More information: 

SOURCE: Servier