SAN DIEGO, CA and RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, USA I September 4, 2015 I Senhwa Biosciences, Inc. and Chaperone Therapeutics, Inc. announced today that they have entered into an exclusive, worldwide License Agreement for advanced small molecules that have therapeutic potential for diseases caused by protein misfolding. Under the terms of the agreement, Chaperone will develop the licensed compounds and Senhwa is eligible to receive equity in Chaperone as well as development milestone payments, potentially totaling USD $102.7 million, as well as royalties on annual product sales.

“Chaperone’s protein folding technology platform is well placed to advance the development of Senhwa’s compounds,” commented Dr. Tai-Sen Soong, President and CEO of Senhwa Biosciences.

“Protein misfolding is the cause of many neurodegenerative diseases, and data from disease models demonstrate efficacy through enhancing the cellular protein folding capacity,” said Dennis J. Thiele, Ph.D., CSO of Chaperone Therapeutics. “We are delighted to access the outstanding small molecule portfolio developed by Senhwa, to an advanced preclinical state, to address protein misfolding diseases”.

About Senhwa Biosciences

Senhwa Biosciences identifies and develops innovative therapies that have the potential to fundamentally change the way patients are treated. Our central philosophy is to unearth validated targets or therapies that could significantly improve treatment, but have not yet been properly exploited. As a value-added development company, Senhwa aims to take innovative therapies that could impact the current standard of care and drive them through clinical Proof-of-Concept.

Senhwa is headquartered in Taiwan, but with subsidiary located in San Diego, CA, the Senhwa Team is well positioned to oversee the development of their compounds by collaborating with a diverse range of global Investigators and service providers. Clinical trials are ongoing or planned for Australia, the USA and Asia, and service providers work from their bases in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe. For more information on Senhwa and its programs, please visit

About Chaperone Therapeutics

Chaperone Therapeutics is developing frontline therapies to address protein misfolding and neuronal cell loss:  the underlying causes of neurodegenerative disease. Chaperone’s therapeutic approaches elevate the natural protein folding and stress protection mechanisms to prevent protein misfolding and the ensuing neuronal cell death. Chaperone’s unique drug discovery platforms, broad knowledge in small molecule optimization and expertise in animal models of neurodegenerative and rare disease propel our therapeutic discovery programs forward. For more information on Chaperone and its programs, please visit

SOURCE: Senwha Biosciences