SHORT HILLS, NJ, USA I October 24, 2022 I Sauvie Inc. (the “Company”), a mission-driven biopharmaceutical company focused on sustainably building an immuno-oncology company, today announced Sauvie’s subsidiary, Sauvie BiKE LLC, has entered into an exclusive license agreement with Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (“Rutgers”) for the development and worldwide commercialization rights of a bi-specific natural killer (NK) cell engager technology in the field of oncology.   

The licensed technology is based on discoveries and invention by Arash Hatefi, PhD, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutics at Rutgers’ Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, who has over 20 years of experience in developing new cancer therapeutics and more than 50 original, peer-reviewed publications in this field.

“As an emerging biopharma organization focused on developing and commercializing critical cancer therapies, Sauvie is truly honored and excited to have this opportunity to advance the primary inventor, Dr. Hatefi’s discovery to offer great hope for people with cancer and position Sauvie to be a key player in the NK cell area,” said Ken Suh, CEO of Sauvie Inc.

“We are excited by the broad potential the NK cell engager platform can offer to fight multiple tumors and help many people throughout the world,” said Dr. Brian E. Jahns, Chief Operating Officer of Sauvie Inc.

“I am thrilled with the agreement and collaboration between Rutgers and Sauvie to advance my research into new nanobody formats such as bispecific natural killer cell engagers that are capable of stimulating the NK cells, amplifying not only their direct role in tumor eradication, but also their function in inducing multicellular immune responses ultimately resulting in enduring tumor control,” said Dr. Arash Hatefi.

The exclusive license granted to the Company relates to a camelid nanobody that has demonstrated high affinity and high specificity to NK cells and has the potential to target multiple antigens of solid and hematologic tumors. NK cell engagers are designed to harness the power of NK cells that are present within the innate immune system and link the NK cells to receptors specific to a tumor. Several clinical research programs around the world have demonstrated the potential effectiveness of safely harnessing the NK cells to attack tumor cells.

About Sauvie Inc.

Sauvie Inc. is a Delaware corporation formed in 2022 by Unionville Capital LLC to focus on developing and commercializing immuno-oncology therapies critical to people with cancer.  The Company plans to generate substantive value by executing on an expanding pipeline of critical cancer therapies via strategic acquisitions, partnerships, R&D, and commercialization. 

About Sauvie BiKE LLC

Sauvie BiKE LLC is a subsidiary of Sauvie Inc. and was formed to advance the NK cell engager platform with the lead target of HER2+ tumors and expanding the potential indications of the NK cell engager. 

SOURCE: Sauvie