SEOUL, South Korea I March 21, 2022 I RNAGene Inc., a South Korean biotech which specializes in the development of mRNA (messenger ribonucleic acid)-based therapeutics, announced today that it has signed a Collaborative Research Agreement with PharmAbcine Inc. (KOSDAQ: 208340ks), a clinical-stage biotech company focusing on the development of next-generation antibody therapeutics.

Under the agreement, both companies will collaborate to develop next-generation mRNA-based antibody therapeutics by utilizing the proprietary mRNA platform from RNAGENE.

Unlike the existing antibody treatments, in which antibodies are artificially produced from external cell lines, mRNA-based therapies involve administration of mRNA in patients so that patients’ own cells can produce the encoded therapeutic antibody.

“The Company entered this agreement because this partnership gives us an extraordinary opportunity to expand our development strategy and discover new possibilities in the mRNA therapeutic area,” said Dr. Jin-San Yoo, CEO of PharmAbcine. “Through this collaboration, both parties will explore new potentials between the two platforms and develop a new therapeutic approach to help patients with unmet medical needs.”

“One of the key strengths of mRNA therapy is that it is simple and cost-effective because there is no need to produce antibodies externally in a facility,” said Dr. Woo Gil Lee, CEO of RNAGENE. “We are delighted to have PharmAbcine, one of the leading antibody-based therapeutic companies, as a partner for this collaborative research, and we are confident that our advanced mRNA technology platform will help create alternative therapeutic options in oncology field.”

About PharmAbcine Inc.

PharmAbcine is a clinical-stage biotech company focusing on the development of fully human antibody therapeutics to treat neovascular disorders, tumors, and other medically unmet diseases. It provides therapeutic antibodies for a wide spectrum of indications from oncology, immuno-oncology, ophthalmology, pulmonology, to renal pathology.

PharmAbcine has its own HuPhage library and innovative selection system. PharmAbcine’s advanced 3G expression system accommodates high levels of antibody production and steady reproducibility. With these cutting-edge technology platforms, it provides state-of-the art antibody generation services.

PharmAbcine also has unique knowhow in the area of the antibody production, early drug development, and clinical development.

For additional information about PharmAbcine, visit http://www.pharmabcine.comYoutube, and Linkedin.


RNAGene Inc. is a new drug development company based on mRNA technology. RNAGene developed its own mRNA-LNP platform, has strengths in the optimization of ORF and UTR and is developing prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines, oncologic drugs, etc.

RPiC(RNA Panning in Cell), screening technology selecting the stabilized cell line in vivo is invented by RNAGene and is on patent application in Korea. Also, RNAGene developed novel UTR with high expression rate and ORF promoting potent neutralizing antibody responses.

Besides mRNA technology, RNAGene has patent on dual antigen technology using preexisting antibody, named SCALUTIS(Soluble Chimeric Antigen Ligand using Trained Immune System) and hopes to develop first-in-class drugs.

For additional information about RNAGene, visit