• Repros Assessing Uterine Fibroid and Endometriosis Development Program with Vaginal Drug Delivery Treatment            
  • Expects to Receive European Patent that Relates to Selective Progesterone Modulators

THE WOODLANDS, TX, USA I July 17, 2017 I Repros Therapeutics Inc.®, (Nasdaq:RPRX) dedicated to treating male and female reproductive disorders, today announced that it received preliminary feedback from the FDA on the Company’s clinical development program for Proellex®, its oral delivery mechanism for telapristone acetate.  The Proellex® program will remain on partial clinical hold, and based upon the FDA’s review of all the existing liver function safety data, the FDA has indicated that the Company will be required to compile a large pre-approval safety data base to support future development.

Larry Dillaha, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Repros, said, “We are appreciative of the preliminary feedback received from the FDA and expect further clarification from the FDA in the coming weeks on our Proellex® development program.  Our discussions with the FDA, and their guidance that a large safety data base will be required to continue the development of Proellex®, indicate that a much larger clinical trial, with associated time and cost requirements, would be necessary.”

In light of the FDA guidance, the Company is assessing increasing its focus on its uterine fibroid and endometriosis development program utilizing a vaginal drug delivery program for telapristone acetate, a selective progesterone modulator (SPRM).  Dr. Dillaha commented, “We are encouraged by our clinical studies with our vaginal drug delivery program, which may provide the potential opportunity to differentiate our treatment from other orally-dosed compounds in development or on the market to treat uterine fibroids.  Clinical work done to date suggests that vaginal delivery of telapristone acetate has the potential to yield good efficacy with significantly lower systemic blood levels.  Furthermore, we intend to leverage drug delivery technology that could offer dosing less frequently than once per day.”

Additionally, Repros has received notice that on August 2, 2017 it will be granted a European patent relating to the use of SPRMs, in particular Telapristone Acetate (Proellex®) or Ulipristal Acetate, with an Off Drug Interval (ODI) for the treatment of estrogen-dependent hyperproliferative uterine conditions, such as uterine fibroids and endometriosis.  The European patent is related to the Company’s recently granted U.S. Patent number 9,616,074, announced by the Company in April 2017.   

Finally, as previously announced, the Company submitted to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) a marketing authorization application (MAA) for enclomiphene in the treatment of secondary hypogonadism in Europe in September of 2016.  As part of the ongoing review process, the Company expects to file responses to the EMA in the third quarter of 2017.

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