mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics: are you ready to be on the ground floor of the next big new therapeutic modality?

Published on: Friday, 23 June 2017 08:02 AM

STUTTGART, Germany I June 23, 2017 I Overlooked for many years, RNA languished as the ugly stepchild of nucleic acid vaccine development and was thought to be a poor choice for a therapeutic agent given its short half-life in vivo and its immunogenicity. But two of the main problems of messenger RNA (mRNA) technologies, i.e. stability and manufacturing, sufficiently have been solved and optimized nanoparticle carrer technologies enable targeted mRNA delivery in vivo.

The technological progress has made pilot projects feasible for biopharmaceutical and major pharma companies. Upfront payments of some of the collaboration agreements between key mRNA players and Big Pharma reached US$ 240 mln and US$ 310 mln, respectively. Some of the deals between mRNA companies and rare disease specialist biopharmaceutical companies have a potential value of up to US$ 2.4 bln and US$ 3.2 bln, respectively, if all milestones will be met. Over the last years, companies with mRNA technologies have attracted mroe than US$ 3.4 bln from equity investments and partnership payments. In addition, funding from governmental institutions and philanthropic organizations has been been crucial for development of mRNA technologies (vaccines and antibodies) for infectious diseases.

mRNA is a rather versatile technology and offers a number of advantages. mRNA lacks genomic integration and its use results in transient expression of the encoded protein. This favorable safety profile makes mRNA especially attractive for vaccines and gene editing. mRNA is well defined chemically which ensures reproducible manufacturing at high yield, purity and activity. Improvements of lipid nanoparticle formulations as a vehicle for in vivo systemic delivery of mRNA has greatly favored the development of in vivo transfection strategies.

Scope of clinical mRNA applications

Cancer Vaccines Infectious Disease Vaccines In vivo Therapeutics Gene Editing
– Standardized preselected

– Individualized
shared antigens

– Individualized neoantigens

– Prophylactic vaccines

– Therapeutic vaccines

– Synthetic self-amplifying mRNA vaccines for pandemic outbreaks

– Therapeutic proteins

– Therapeutic antibodies

– Ex vivo gene editing of gene defects

– In vivo gene editing of gene defects

– Ex vivo gene editing of autologous and allogeneic T-cells

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