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Published on: Friday, 09 December 2016 10:38 AM

STUTTGART, Germany I December 9, 2016 I As a thank you to the visitors of our website and online readers of press releases posted on, La Merie Publishing offers a complimentary copy of the report „Blockbuster Biologics 2015: Sales of Recombinant Therapeutic Antibodies & Proteins“. Just send an e-mail to and refer to „Blockbuster Biologics 2015“, and you will receive a pdf copy of the report. This offer expires on December 31, 2016.

2015 was another year of record sales of recombinant therapeutic proteins and antibodies despite the beginning commercialization of biosimilar antibodies and proteins. Global sales of originator antibodies and proteins reached USD 154 bln, a growth of 9.2% compared with the previous year. While sales of anti-TNF antibodies slowed down, the strong growth was mainly due to antibodies (+11.3%) driven by sales of cancer antibodies and other anti-inflammatory antibodies. The commercially most successful class of protein products were insulin and insulin analogs with growth of 11.9% from 2014 to 2015. On the contrary, the successful lauch and market uptake of oral antivirals to treat hepatitis C cut interferon alpha sales by 50%

A total of 39 biologic therapeutics reached blockbuster status with 2015 sales exceeding US$ 1 bln: 21 antibodies and 18 proteins. Nine biologics reached global sales in 2015 of more than US$ 5 bln. Four biologics were new in the blockbuster biologics list and one dropped out. Six biopharmaceutical companies posted combined biologics sales of more than US$ 10 bln in the year 2015.

Quite a number of new therapeutic antibodies and proteins were launched in the year 2015 and will contribute to the further growth of biologics sales, but also to compensate for expected losses of blockbuster biologics by biosimilar antibodies and proteins or by new competitors.

The report provides a compilation of the sales data of recombinant therapeutic proteins and antibodies in the calendar year 2015. Sales data were obtained from company publications and refer to branded products originating from companies based in regulated markets. All sales data were converted from their original, published currency into US$. Sales figures represent the sum of revenues in all territories where the products were marketed. Growth rates usually are listed as reported (not based on constant exchange rates).

Sales data are presented for each product within the respective class of biologics. The data were analyzed to establish a ranking list of blockbuster biologics with 2015 sales higher than US$ 1 bln. Another ranking list was prepared for companies according to biologics sales in 2015 and the percentage of antibody sales vs protein sales.

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