Blockbuster Biologics 2012: sales are double that of 2006 driven by strong growth of recombinant antibodies

Published on: Thursday, 09 May 2013 03:54 PM

STUTTGART, Germany | May 9, 2013 | The Business Intelligence firm La Merie Publishing released its new compilation of recombinant antibody and protein sales, this time for the year 2012. Since the first edition of this report, total sales of recombinant biologics have virtually doubled from US$ 63.8 bln in 2006 to US$ 124.6 bln in 2012. During this time period, the relative contribution of therapeutic classes has changed. Erythropoietin products were the leading therapeutic class of biologics in 2006 with sales of US$ 11.9 bln, but ranked only number 6 in the year 2012 with sales of US$ 7.2 bln. Therapeutic antibodies are the two commercially top-leading therapeutic classes in 2012.

Antibody sales made out 51.8 % of total biologic sales in 2012 whereas in 2006 they contributed 34.5% to total biologic sales. A further indicator of the strong growth of recombinant biologics is the number of blockbusters, i.e. products with sales of more than US$ 1 bln per year. While in 2006, there were 20 blockbuster biologics, this number increased to 33 in the year 2012. The top five blockbuster biologics are all antibodies, the top selling therapeutic proteins are insulin glargine and pegfilgrastim. The anti-TNF antibody Humira is the top selling single brand of a recombinant biologic with 2012 sales of US& 9.6 bln. The TOP 5 companies in terms of biologics sales are Roche (US$ 27.4 bln), Amgen (US$ 15.5 bln), Novo Nordisk (US$ 10.9 bln), Abbvie (US$ 9.3 bln) and Sanofi (US$ 8.8 bln) with a combined sales share of 57.7% of total biologics sales.

These results and more were found in an elaboration prepared by La Merie Publishing and published in a complimentary report on May 9, 2013. The document entitled “Blockbuster Biologics 2012” can be acquired as a free download at La Merie’s News Center and Online Store ( ).

The “Blockbuster Biologics 2012” report presents in tabular format 2012 sales figures 1) of the TOP 33 branded biologic products with more than US$ 1 bln sales; 2) of the 14 top-selling classes of recombinant biologics, i.e. recombinant branded proteins and antibodies (excluding vaccines and peptides as well as biosimilars), and in detail the sales figures of the individual products. In addition, information is provided on brand and generic names, target, class of compound, originator and licensee companies, product category and major indications. All information is fully referenced by a hyperlink leading to the original source of information.

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SOURCE: La Merie Publishing