PMV Pharma and Chiromics Announce Licensing Agreement and Drug Discovery Collaboration

DOYLESTOWN, PA & PRINCETON, NJ, USA I February 25, 2014 I PMV Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Chiromics LLC today announced that they have entered into a collaboration whereby PMV Pharma has a non-exclusive license for use of Chiromics’ chemical compound library and a screening collaboration to discover and optimize novel small molecules against multiple PMV oncology and infectious disease therapeutic targets.

PMV Pharma is pioneering the discovery and development of p53 targeted small molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease. p53’s importance in human biology is profound: it is the most commonly mutated protein in human cancers with more than half of all tumors containing mutant p53. It is also a key cellular defense against viral infection and is known to suppress the replication of numerous viruses.

Founded by p53 thought leader Arnold Levine, Ph.D., and world-renowned virologist Thomas Shenk, Ph.D., PMV Pharma possesses unique insights into p53 biology and the discovery of selective modulators of p53 and its pathway.

Chiromics’ compound collections are assembled using Chiromics core chemical technology referred to as “cascade catalysis.” This technology was invented in the MacMillan laboratories at Princeton University. Cascade catalysis allows for the creation of “accessible complexity” – a diverse collection of molecules that is more complex than, and differentiated from, currently existing small molecule collections, while retaining drug-like properties, the ability to develop structure-activity relationships and ease of re-synthesis. As a result, whereas only about 15% of proteins have been successfully targeted by existing small molecules, Chiromics’ library compounds may reach these and the approximate remaining 85% of targets, many previously thought to be inaccessible.

“We are excited to use Chiromics’ proprietary technology and libraries together with our novel p53 platform and insights. The result of this powerful combination will be the rapid discovery of a portfolio of important new potential oncology and infectious disease therapeutics,” David Mack, Ph.D., President and CEO of PMV Pharmaceuticals said.

Chiromics’ founder David MacMillan, Ph.D., who serves as the James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Chemistry, as Director, Merck Center for Catalysis at Princeton and as Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University, stated, “PMV Pharma has assembled a first class team with proven expertise in understanding the biology of p53. Our chemistry platform together with PMV’s deep knowledge of the p53 network has the potential to achieve unprecedented results.”

About PMV Pharma

PMV Pharma is developing first-in-class p53 and p53 pathway modulators for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease. Bringing together leaders in the field to utilize over three decades of p53 biology, PMV Pharma combines unique biological understanding with pharmaceutical development focus. PMV Pharma received initial funding from premier venture capital firm InterWest Partners and has corporate operations in Redwood City, California and Research and Development in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.