Pathos obtains worldwide rights from Novo Nordisk for the development of CBP/p300 inhibitor, FT-7051

CHICAGO, IL, USA I May 23, 2023 I Pathos AI, Inc. (, a biotechnology company focused on revolutionizing precision medicine in cancer by harnessing the power of machine learning to transform drug development, announced today that it has entered into a worldwide license agreement to develop FT-7051, a small molecule CBP/p300 inhibitor program from Novo Nordisk as Pathos’ first clinical-stage asset in its pipeline.

FT-7051 was developed by Forma Therapeutics, which was acquired by Novo Nordisk in 2022, and is currently in phase I development. FT-7051 (renamed P-300) was evaluated in prostate cancer and has potential for development in multiple tumor types. The molecule inhibits the CBP/p300 protein, which is involved in the activation of genes that promote cancer cell growth and proliferation.

The development of this molecule reflects Pathos’ commitment to precision medicine and biomarker-driven approaches in cancer treatment. “P-300 has shown promising phase I data and we are confident that leveraging our PathOS Platform™ will enhance an optimized path toward a broader patient population that could benefit from this therapeutic option,” explained Ryan Fukushima, Pathos CEO. “We are thrilled about this licensing agreement with Novo Nordisk and accelerating the development for this CBP/p300 inhibitor program.”

The license will enable Pathos to continue the development of the drug and bring it to market as quickly and as safely as possible. Pathos has not yet shared specific plans for P-300 but will disclose more details during upcoming oncology conferences.

About P-300

P-300 is an oral, small molecule inhibitor that has the potential to provide clinical benefit for patients with advanced prostate cancer, either alone or in combination with other treatments. P-300 works by inhibiting CREBBP/EP300 (also known as CBP/p300), which are proteins that activate genes that promote cancer cell growth and proliferation. Inhibiting these proteins impacts the expression of key cancer drivers, including the androgen receptor (AR) and its variants, making P-300 relevant not only to advanced prostate cancer, but also to other cancer indications as well, either alone or in combination with other treatments.

About Pathos

Pathos is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on re-engineering drug development, leveraging the power of AI technologies to bring precision medicines to market through partnership with biopharmaceutical companies. Pathos has raised $40 million to accelerate the development of precision medicines and to expand its platform, combining computational approaches across multimodal real-world data and patient-derived biological models. Additional information can be found at