ZAMUDIO, Spain I May 18, 2023 I Oncomatryx has acquired Tube Pharmaceuticals GmbH, the developer of the Cytolysin toxic payload.

The multimillion €uros transaction is a strategic decision by Oncomatryx that will foster its leadership in the field of ADCs targeting the tumor microenvironment. It culminates a decade-long alliance between Oncomatryx and Tube that has already rendered clinical-stage ADCs targeting the Tumor Microenvironment. Oncomatryx’s pioneering drug OMTX705, which incorporates the cytolysin toxic payload developed by Tube, is a first-in-class antibody-drug conjugate targeting cancer-associated fibroblasts. OMTX705 has shown complete tumor regression in many PDx and syngeneic murine models, as well as an unbeatable safety profile in rats and monkeys. A FIH multiple expansion cohort clinical trial targeting metastatic solid tumors is ongoing in seven hospitals in Spain and USA.

Oncomatryx now owns the comprehensive portfolio of cytolysins synthesized by Tube and the cutting-edge technology developed in its laboratories. Led by Dr. Wolfgang Richter, the Austrian company has more than 15 years of experience and has positioned itself as a top-level benchmark in the generation of novel ADC payloads.

This significant step forward in Oncomatryx internationalization strategy will also enhance its chemistry department thanks to the incorporation of Dr. Richter, who will drive the company’s efforts to continue developing novel drugs that attack the tumor microenvironment.

According to Laureano Simon, founder of Oncomatryx, “This strategic agreement is a significant milestone for Oncomatryx. It consolidates our technological portfolio and our commitment to target the microenvironment of the most invasive tumors. In addition, bringing Dr. Richter’s knowledge and experience into our team will open up even more possibilities in the design and development of novel ADCs.”

It is worth noting that over the past 10 years, Oncomatryx has been involved in the development of innovative medicines in collaboration with prestigious universities, hospitals, and research centers in Europe and USA, such as the University of Stuttgart, the University of Torino, CIC-Biogune, the National Center for Oncological Research, Onkologikoa, Harvard University and the MD Anderson Cancer Center, among others.

About Oncomatryx

Oncomatryx is a pioneering global bio-pharmaceutical company that targets the microenvironment of the most invasive tumors through its next-generation precision ADCs, bispecific antibodies and small molecules. Located in the Bizkaia Technology Park, the company has discovered novel mechanisms and proteins in the tumor microenvironment that facilitate tumor invasiveness, immunosuppression, drug resistance and metastasis. Oncomatryx is investing 100 million euros to develop its pioneering tumor-microenvironment pipeline into clinical trials against these most invasive solid tumors.

SOURCE: Oncomatryx