PFÄFFIKON, Switzerland I March 05, 2019 I Numab Therapeutics AG today announced that Intarcia Therapeutics Inc. has executed its option to in-license ND016, being developed for the treatment of autoimmune disorders. Numab discovered ND016 on behalf of Intarcia under a previous research and option agreement. Under the present exclusive license agreement, Intarcia receives worldwide rights to develop and commercialize ND016 in exchange for license payments of up to CHF 70 million and up to double digit tiered royalties on net sales.

ND016 is a next generation tri-specific antibody fragment being developed for the treatment of autoimmune disorders. It simultaneously blocks the two pro-inflammatory cytokines, interleukin-17A, and tumor necrosis factor-alpha, each with outstanding potency. Concomitant blockade of IL-17A and TNFα holds the promise for superior efficacy in chronic inflammatory disorders, such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis, when compared to standard of care. The monovalent tri-specific molecule that additionally binds to serum albumin, is designed to support convenient dosing schemes, to achieve unmet activity in inflamed tissues, and to avoid the adverse effects observed with first generation bivalent formats.

Similar to Numab’s lead immuno-oncology product ND021, ND016 is composed of three highly stable antibody variable domains, that are based on Numab’s fully human lambda cap™ technology. The resulting “variable domain only” multi-specific molecules reveal predictably favorable CMC properties and are amenable to high yield manufacturing applying platform capture chromatography.

About Numab

Founded in 2011, Numab develops a proprietary pipeline of multi-specific biotherapeutics in immuno-oncology and immunology, and has partnerships with Intarcia Therapeutics, Ono Pharmaceutical, Kaken Pharmaceutical, and Tillotts Pharma. Numab’s plug-and-play multi-specifics platform allows for a highly rational and reproducible process that rapidly yields promising clinical candidates with new mechanisms of action, superior efficacy and a favorable safety profile. For further information, visit