• KY1044 increases the ratio of intratumoral cytotoxic-to-regulatory T cells and induces tumor regression
  • Expanding data set continues to provide evidence for a dual mechanism-of-action of KY1044
  • Phase 1/2, open-label, multicenter study ongoing to evaluate KY1044 as a single agent and in combination with anti-PD-L1 (atezolizumab) in adult patients with advanced malignancies  

CAMBRIDGE, UK I September 27, 2019 I Kymab, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing antibody-based therapeutics, will present a poster today that details an expanding body of evidence for the dual mechanism-of-action of the company’s anti-ICOS program, KY1044. The poster will be presented at the Fifth CRI-CIMT-EATI-AACR International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference (CICON), being held at the Espace Grande Arche in Paris September 25-28, 2019.

KY1044 is a novel fully-human antibody that binds ICOS and is designed to both deplete intratumoral regulatory T cells and stimulate effector T cells to promote the immune response against tumors.

Data presented in the CICON poster demonstrates that KY1044 kills ICOShigh regulatory T cells via Antibody-Dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity (ADCC) in a dose-dependent manner which preserves ICOSlow effector T cells. By depleting ICOShigh regulatory T cells, KY1044 strongly inhibits tumor growth as monotherapy and in combination with anti-PD‑L1. KY1044 also acts as a co-stimulatory agonist antibody on ICOSlow effector T cells and induces an increase of inflammatory cytokine expression by effector T cells in vitro and in vivo. These data demonstrate that KY1044 improves the ratio of effector-to-regulatory T cells.

“Our preclinical studies show that targeting ICOS with KY1044 is a valid approach for inducing a strong anti-tumor immune response,” said Sonia Quaratino, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer of Kymab. “Our team is now investigating the significance of these results in a clinical setting, working together with world-renowned experts from leading cancer centers, who are currently treating patients with KY1044 as single agents and in combination with atezolizumab.”

A Phase 1/2, open-label, multicenter study assessing the safety and efficacy of KY1044 as single agent and in combination with anti-PD-L1 (atezolizumab) in adult patients with selected advanced malignancies is ongoing (NCT03829501) in the U.S., the U.K. and Italy.

The poster can be viewed during CICON in the following session:

Title:                   A novel antibody targeting ICOS increases intratumoral cytotoxic to regulatory T cells ratio and induces tumor regression

Presenter:           Richard C.A. Sainson Ph.D., Senior Director, Translational Medicine

Session Title:      Poster Session B

Location:            Hall B

Poster board #:   B040

Date and Time:  Friday September 27, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. CET


Notes to Editors

About the Study

NCT03829501 is a Phase 1/2, open-label, multicenter study to evaluate the safety, efficacy and tolerability of KY1044 as single agent and in combination with anti-PD-L1 (atezolizumab) in adult patients with advanced malignancies. The dose escalation of KY1044 as a single agent commenced in February 2019 and in combination in June 2019.

For more information visit www.clinicaltrials.gov

About KY1044

KY1044 is a fully human monoclonal antibody discovered by Kymab’s IntelliSelect® Transgenics platforms. KY1044 has now been tested in a number of highly illustrative syngeneic models, in which KY1044 was observed to strongly inhibit tumor growth in cancers both as a monotherapy and in combination with other immunotherapies.

Inducible T Cell Co Stimulator (ICOS), is expressed upon activation on T cells and at high levels on the majority of FOXP3+ regulatory CD4+ T cells. Available data suggest that depletion of these immunosuppressive cells from the tumor microenvironment may enhance the patient’s anti-tumor immune response.

About Kymab

Kymab is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing a deep pipeline of novel antibody-based therapies in a broad range of indications. The Company generates its product candidates using its proprietary, integrated platforms collectively called IntelliSelect®. Kymab’s platforms have been designed to maximize the diversity of human antibodies produced in response to immunization with antigens. Selecting from a broad diversity of fully human antibodies allows for the identification of antibodies with optimal drug-like properties.

About IntelliSelect®

The IntelliSelect® Transgenics platforms are designed to generate fully-human monoclonal antibodies from several highly-engineered strains of mice that have the complete constellation of human antibody building blocks in their genome.

The IntelliSelect® Screening technology combines single cell sequencing, genomics and proprietary bioinformatic algorithms to prioritize and select antibodies generated by IntelliSelect® Transgenics platforms that have the most desirable drug-like properties.

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