AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands I September 29, 2022 I Kling Biotherapeutics, BV, (Kling Bio) a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing novel antibody-based therapeutics for cancer and infectious diseases generated through its proprietary discovery platform, announces the dosing of the first patient with KBA1412 in its Phase 1b trial (KBA1412-101, NCT05501821), an open-label, multi-center study evaluating the safety, tolerability, PK/PD, and potential efficacy of KBA1412 in adult patients with advanced solid tumors not responding to standard of care.

KBA1412 is a first in class fully human anti-CD9 antibody based on an antibody produced by circulating B cells in the blood of a cancer survivor. “KBA1412 has remarkable properties identified in preclinical studies including efficacy as monotherapy mediated by two anti-cancer mechanisms (cell-mediated cytotoxicity and enhanced immune cell infiltration into tumors), synergy with PD-1 blockade, and a very favorable preclinical safety profile not seen previously with anti-CD9 antibodies” said Timothy M. Wright, MD, Kling Bio co-founder and interim CEO.

The Phase 1b study will involve dose escalation followed by several expansion cohorts in patients with selected solid tumor types. The expansion cohorts will study KBA1412 alone and in combination with a PD-1 checkpoint inhibitor to further define the dose for future Phase 2 studies and to evaluate secondary endpoints for preliminary assessment of clinical efficacy. “This study marks an important milestone for Kling Bio and demonstrates the potential to leverage the ‘human-to-human’ approach from discovery to clinical development for advancing novel cancer treatments,” said Sohail Ahmed, MD, MBA, Chief Medical Officer at Kling Bio.

About Kling Biotherapeutics
Kling Biotherapeutics is an Amsterdam, NL based clinical-stage biotechnology company that has developed a robust pipeline based on evaluating B cells present in individuals with remarkable responses to cancer and infectious diseases.  Its proprietary B cell immortalization platform enables rapid functional screening of antibodies and has led to the identification of several antibodies targeting novel epitopes (cancer and infectious diseases) and cancer associated antigens with unique post-translational modifications. 

SOURCE: Kling Biotherapeutics