• IPH45 is a novel and differentiated exatecan-Antibody Drug Conjugate targeting Nectin-4
  • In PDX models of urothelial tumors, IPH45 has stronger activity than approved Nectin-4 targeting EV. IPH45 shows anti-tumor efficacy in various solid tumor and EV-refractory models
  • Preclinical efficacy and toxicology data support further development of IPH45 which is progressing towards the clinic with IND planned in 2024

MARSEILLE, France I April 10, 2024 I Innate Pharma SA (Euronext Paris: IPH; Nasdaq: IPHA) (“Innate” or the “Company”) today announced that first preclinical data for its asset IPH45, a novel and differentiated exatecan-Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) targeting Nectin-4, were presented in an oral presentation at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2024.

In preclinical studies, data demonstrated that IPH45 effectively inhibits Nectin-4 expressing tumorgrowth both in vitro and in vivo, including in Enfortumab Vedotin (EV) refractory models. Importantly, IPH45 shows stronger activity than EV, in multiple urothelial carcinoma PDX (patient-derived xenografted) mice models, across Nectin-4high and Nectin-4low expression levels. In addition, IPH45 has an additive anti-tumor effect to anti-PD1 treatment in vivo and has a favorable safety profile in relevant animal toxicology models.

IPH45 is a novel and differentiated Nectin-4 ADC with preclinical efficacy in tumor types with various expression levels of Nectin-4. Its exatecan payload allow for higher bystander-effect and a broader therapeutic index than MMAE-ADCs,” commented Prof. Eric Vivier, DVM, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Innate Pharma. “These promising results underscore the potential of IPH45 to provide new solutions for patients in a variety of Nectin-4 expressing cancers, beyond Nectin-4high expressing bladder. Based on these encouraging data, we are eagerly advancing IPH45 towards clinical trials.”

The presentation is available on Innate Pharma’s website.

About IPH45

Nectin-4 is a cell membrane adhesion protein overexpressed in several solid tumors, including urothelial, breast, lung, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers, with limited expression in normal tissues. IPH45 is a novel exatecan-Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) targeting Nectin-4. In non-clinical models, IPH45 is well tolerated and shows anti-tumor efficacy in vitro and in vivo. IPH45 is progressing towards First in Human study.

About Innate Pharma

Innate Pharma S.A. is a global, clinical-stage biotechnology company developing immunotherapies for cancer patients. Its innovative approach aims to harness the innate immune system through therapeutic antibodies and its ANKET® (Antibody-based NK cell Engager Therapeutics) proprietary platform.

Innate’s portfolio includes lead proprietary program lacutamab, developed in advanced form of cutaneous T cell lymphomas and peripheral T cell lymphomas, monalizumab developed with AstraZeneca in non-small cell lung cancer, as well as ANKET® multi-specific NK cell engagers to address multiple tumor types.

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SOURCE: Innate Pharma