BCMA-Targeted Antibodies & T-Cells in: October 2016 R&D and Business Tracker for TCR & CAR T-Cells and NK Cells

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Monthly Tracking Reports
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Release Date: November of 2016

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BCMA-Targeted Antibodies & T-Cells in:
October 2016 R&D and Business Tracker for TCR & CAR T-Cells and NK Cells

This pdf report contains information about TCR & CAR engineered T-cells and NK cells released during the month of October 2016. This issue forms part of the subscription service R&D and Business Tracker for TCR & CAR T-Cells and NK Cells

Featured presentations of October 2016 include the pipeline of B-Cell Maturation Antigen (BCMA)-targeted antibodies & T-cells, the profile of US biotech Poseida Therapeutics and the profile of anti-BCMA CARtyrin T-cell product candidate P-BCMA-101 from Poseida Therapeutics.

The October 2016 issue of La Merie Publishing‘s R&D and Business Tracker service about TCR & CAR engineered T-cells and NK cells contains:

R&D and Technology Tracker

  • Pipeline changes
  • Regulatory news
  • Technology validations

Business Tracker for:

  • Company updates
  • Collaboration
  • Licensing
  • Merger & acquisitions
  • Financing

Clinical Trial Tracker

Scientific Publication Tracker

Featured Cell Therapy Profile: P-BCMA-101 Featured Company Profile: Poseida Therapuetics

Featured Target or Technology Pipeline: BCMA-Targeted Antibodies & T-Cellls

BCMA-Targeted Antibodies & T-Cells include:

  • Autologous & allogeneic T-Cells
  • Bispecific tumor-targeted antibodies & T-cells
  • Bispecific T-Cell and NK-Cell redirecting antibodies
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Information about the BCMA-Targeted Antibodies & T-Cells pipeline is provided in a tabular format and fully referenced.

Information released during the previous month is retrieved from a variety of sources including corporate press releases and statements, quarterly company business reports, SEC filings, company presentations, company websites, interviews, webcasts, journal articles, scientific abstracts and reviews, relevant scientific meetings, clinical trial databases, and La Merie Publishing’s proprietary database. Relevant information is presented in textual and tabular formats with disclosure of scientific references or by a hyperlink leading to the source of information.

Customized Update Service:
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