Antibody-Drug Conjugates 2014 - a Business, Technology & Pipeline Analysis

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Antibody-Drug Conjugates 2014 – A Business, Technology & Pipeline Analysis

The report entitled „Antibody-Drug Conjugates 2014 – A Business, Technology & Pipeline Analysis“ published in January 2014 is based on the evaluation of more than 90 companies. The report analyzes established and new antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technologies, business activities and opportunities and assesses more than 100 ADC development and research programs. The commercial value of ADC technologies, ADC products and ADC product candidates is described and valued by means of sales, product prices, company market capitalization, initial public offerings, venture capital and private equity financing, infrastructure investments and financial deal terms. Business deal activities in form of acquisitions, licensing and collaboration agreements and joint ventures between pharma, biotech and the service industry serve to identify those technologies of interest for stakeholders in the ADC industry.

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The report was built from the bottom-up by first elaborating Company Profiles from information retrieved from La Merie‘ proprietary antibody-drug conjugate database, scientific literature and abstracts, company press releases, company presentations, financial disclosures, clinical trials databases and company websites. A structured analysis was performed for the ADC pipeline, for stakeholders of the ADC industry, for state-of-the art and emerging ADC technologies, for the ADC manufacturing and service industry, and business activities. The report identifies trends for those ADC technologies (target, antibody, drug, linker and conjugation systems) which are of interest for the industry.

The report includes in the Addendum a tabulated Competitor Analysis and lists all relevant business transactions of the last two to three years.

Spefically, the ADC pipeline analysis describes preclinical, non-clinical and clinical ADC projects and R&D programs. It evaluates the ADC targets in relation to drug and linker systems, and also investigates the clinical success and reasons for failures of antibody-drug conjugates.

The stakeholder analysis compares companies with their peers in the respective group of development, technology and manufacturing companies and further categorizes them within the respective group to find out their competitive situation.

The analysis pays special attention to the importance of target selection, to emerging trends of new targeting moieties beyond full-length, canonical antibodies, to the expansion of the use of ADCs in non-cancer indications, to the opportunities arising from new site-specific and from polymer/nanoparticel-based conjugation systems and the most promising new payloads for ADCs.

Crticial issues of ADCs, such as therapeutic window, druggable targets, manufacturing and financing are addressed and opportunities outlined.

Who will benefit from the report:

  • Investors
  • Business developers
  • Licensing managers
  • Technology officers
  • R&D Management
  • Business & Competitive Intelligence Analysts
  • Scientific Analysts
  • R&D Planning
  • Portfolio Managers

What will you find in the report?

  • Company profiles of ADC stakeholders
  • ADC drug profiles
  • ADC business agreements
  • ADC pipeline description and analysis
  • Clinical attrition rate of ADCs and reasons for failure
  • ADC target description and analysis
  • Current and future drugs, linkers and conjugation systems
  • Industry preferences for drugs and linkers
  • Alternative targeting moieties
  • New uses of ADCs and immunoconjugates
  • CMOs for manufacturing of ADCs
  • Competitors in development, technology or manufacturing
  • Commercial value of ADC products and technologies


Antibody-Drug Conjugates 2014 – A Business, Technology & Pipeline Analysis

Table of Contents

0          Abbreviations

1          Executive Summary

2          Introduction and Overview of the Report

3          Antibody-Drug Conjugates: Pipeline Description and Analysis

3.1       ADC Pipeline overview and definitions
3.2       Targeting moieties in ADCs and Immunoconjugates
3.3       Drugs & linkers in ADCs and Immunoconjugates
3.4       Targets in ADCs and indications
3.5       Companies clinically developing ADCs
3.6       Clinical success and attrition rates of ADCs

4          Stakeholders in Antibody-Drug Conjugates and Immunoconjugates

4.1       Development companies
4.1.1    Big Pharma with ADCs or Immunoconjugates
4.1.2    Pharma and Biotech Companies with ADCs or Immunoconjugates
4.2       Technology companies
4.2.1    Integrated ADC technology and development companies
4.2.2    Companies with target discovery
4.2.3    Companies with alterntive targeting moieties
4.2.4    Site-specific conjugation technology companies
4.2.5    Companies with polymeric/nanoparticle payload carriers
4.2.6    Companies with new payloads
4.3       Manufacturing companies

5          ADC Technologies

5.1       Targets for ADC
5.2       Antibodies for ADCs
5.3       Linkers and conjugation strategies
5.4       Drugs as payload

6          Business with Antibody-Drug Conjugates

6.1       Commercial valuation of ADC technologies and products
6.1.1    ADC product sales
6.1.2    Market capitalization of ADC companies
6.1.3    Value of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) of ADC biotech companies
6.1.4    Venture capital and private equity financing of ADC technology and product companies
6.1.5    Acquisitions of ADC technology companies
6.1.6    Financial deal terms of agreements between biotech and pharma
6.1.7    ADC collaborations biotech - biotech
6.1.8    ADC infrastructure investments

6.2       Business opportunities with antibody-drug conjugates
6.2.1    Therapeutic window
6.2.2    Drug resistance
6.2.3    Druggable targets
6.2.4    Non-cancer indications
6.2.5    Manufacturing of ADCs
6.2.6    Finance industry

7          ADC & Immunoconjugate Company Profiles

7.1       Development Companies
7.2       Technology Companies
7.3       Contract Manufacturing Companies

8          References

9          Tables
Table 1 Overall pipeline of Antibody-Drug Conjugates and Immunoconjugates
Table 2: Targeting moieties used in ADCs and Immunoconjugates
Table 3: Drugs used in ADCs
Table 4: Other and novel payloads used in ADCs and Immunoconjugates
Table 5: Stable and cleavable linkers for ADCs with auristatins or maytansinoids
Table 6: Targets of ADCs with linkers, drugs, indications and stage
Table 7: ADCs against CD22
Table 9: ADCs against Her2
Table 9: ADCs against CD19
Table 10: ADCs against PSMA
Table 11: ADCs against EGFR / EGFRvIII
Table 12: ADCs against MUC1
Table 13: ADCs against CD37
Table 14: ADCs against CD70
Table 15: ADCs against CD20
Table 16: Companies clinically developing ADCs and related technologies
Table 17: Reasons for Discontinuation of Clinical Stage Antibody-Drug Conjugates
Table 18: Comparison of reasons for failure between ADCs and naked antibodies
Table 19: Overview of ADC & Immunoconjugate activities of major pharma & biotech companies
Table 20: Synopsis of Big Pharma‘s ADC activities
Table 21: Synopsis of pharma and biotech development companies‘ ADC activities
Table 22: Synposis of integrated ADC technology and development companies
Table 23: Synopsis of companies with target discovery
Table 24: Synopsis of companies with alterntive targeting moieties
Table 25: Synopsis of site-specific conjugation technology companies
Table 26: Synopsis of companies with polymeric/nanoparticle payload carriers
Table 27: Synopsis of companies with new payloads
Table 28: Overview of CMOs for ADCs
Table 29: Synopsis of ADC CMOs
Table 30: Market capitalization of Seattle Genetics and ImmunoGen 2011-2014
Table 31: Financing of ADC technology and product companies
Table 32: Financial terms of ADC technology deals biotech – pharma 2011-2014
Table 33: R&D collaborations between biotech companies


            I:     Competitor Analysis
Adcetris Pipeline
ADCs with Auristatin Derivatives
ADCs with Pyrrolobenzodiazepine (PBD) Derivatives
Kadcyla Pipeline
ADCs with Maytansine (DM) Derivatives
ADCs with Irinotecan Derivatives
ADCs with Calicheamicin Derivatives
ADCs with Doxorubicin as Payload
ADCs with Duocarmycin Derivatives
ADCs with Novel Payloads
ADCs with Not-Disclosed Payloads
ADCs with Novel Conjugation Systems
ADCs with Alternative Antibody Formats
Immunoconjugates with Peptide-based Targeting Moiety
Immunoconjugates with Protein-based Targeting Moiety
Immunoconjugates with Small Molecule-based Targeting Moiety
ADCs and Immunoconjugates in Non-Cancer Indications

            II:     Agreements
R&D Collaboration Agreements biotech – pharma
R&D Collaboration Agreements biotech - biotech
Collaboration Agreements CMO - CMO
R&D Licensing Agreements biotech - pharma
R&D Licensing Agreements biotech - biotech
Merger & Acquisition Agreements

Antibody-Drug Conjugates 2014 – A Business, Technology & Pipeline Analysis

Companies mentioned in the report

Abbott Contract Manufacturing
ACES Pharma
ADC Therapeutics
Adcanced Proteome Therapeutics
Aeterna Zentaris
Albany Molecular Research Inc (AMRI)
Arrowhead Research
Astellas Pharma
Auven Therapeutics
Baxter BioPharma Solutions
Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals
BIND Therapeutics
Bristol-Myers Squibb
BSP Pharmaceuticals
Carbogen Amcis
Catalent Biologics
Celldex Therapeutics
Coldstream Laboratories
Concortis Biosystems
Daiichi Sankyo
Eli Lilly
Endo Pharmaceuticals
Esperance Pharmaceuticals
Evonik Industries
Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies
Goodwin Biotechnology
Wilex (Heidelberg Pharma)
Helix Biopharma
Immune Pharmaceuticals
Innate Pharma
Intellect Neurosciences
Janssen Research & Development
Meditope Biosciences
Mersana Therapeutics
Molecular Partners
Nerviano Medical Sciences
Oxford BioTherapeutics
Pierre Fabre Group
Pierre Fabre Medicament Production
Progenics Pharmaceuticals
Quanta Biodesign
Redwood Biodesign
Seattle Genetics
Serina Therapeutics
Sigma Aldrich SAFC
Sorrento Therapeutics
Stem CentRx
Sutro Biopharma
Synthon Biopharmaceuticals
Takeda Pharmaceutical
The Chemistry Research Solution
TUBE Pharma
University of California San Diego
WuXi PharmaTech
Zhejiang Medicine

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