Humira Biosimilars – Target Pipeline List 11/2018

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Target Pipeline List
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Release Date: November of 2018

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Humira Biosimilars – Target Pipeline List 11/2018

Target: Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha (TNF-alpha)

This report provides a comprehensive overview of biosimilars of the recombinant fully human monoclonal antibody Humira (adalimumab) from AbbVie in regulated and in less regulated markets for treatment of a variety of inflammatory diseases.

Humira is the commercially most successful therapeutic antibody with global sales of US$ 18.94 bln in the year 2017, posted by AbbVie and Eisai. Non-US and non-Japan sales of Humira in the calendar year 2017 were 6.07 bln, including sales in Europe which are estimated to be more than US$ 4 bln. After patent expiry of Humira in Europe on October 16, 2018, launch of the first Humira biosimilars in the European Union has started. In the US, AbbVie has patent protection until September 29, 2023.

In less regulated markets, at least four biosimilar versions of Humira are already on the market. The enormous market potential has made Humira a prime target for biosimilar antibody development with many competitors having active regional and global development programs, but the fierce competition also urges partnerships.

La Merie Publishing offers a low-cost product service providing information about active R&D projects for a given target in the format of Word tables. The Word document with the Table is delivered by e-mail within 24 hours after receipt of the confirmed order. Usually, delivery time is less than one hour if ordered during European business hours.

The Target Pipeline List in the Word table contains information about:
File: ID no. in proprietary database
Drug name: trade name, INN, drug code(s), trivial name
Target/MoA: mechanism of action
Class of compound: description of type of molecule, formulation, way and mode of administration, application device
Company: originator of molecule and licensee(s) with territories
Category: treatment modalities, i.e. antibody, protein, peptide, RNA, DNA, cells, vaccine, small molecule
Indication: medical indication evaluated in preclinical or clinical study, combination regimens
R&D Phase: from research to market with reference to indication/study
Message: last verified information about project with source and date of information and hyperlink leading to source of information

Research methodology:
Information about R&D projects is identified and retrieved from company publications including, but not limited to, press releases, presentations, website disclosures, SEC publications, regulatory documents, scientific abstracts and full papers, patent applications. Furthermore, public and proprietary databases are used including national and regional clinical trial databases, PubMed.


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