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09 May 2013 Blockbuster Biologics 2012: sales are double that of 2006 driven by strong growth of recombinant antibodies
19 Mar 2012 The huge potential of GLP-1 receptor agonists in the diabetes market opens opportunities for technology providers and Big Pharma
24 Nov 2011 Blockbuster Drugs 2010: small molecules still dominating, but biologics strongly emerging
26 Oct 2011 Fierce Competition Requires Precision in Meeting the Needs of the Coagulation Factor Market
16 Sep 2011 Antibody-Drug Conjugates 2011 - real breakthrough still to come
07 Mar 2011 Biologics Sales in 2010 exceeded US$ 100 bln
08 Sep 2010 The Product Portfolio Strategy as Decisive Force in Forming the Future Coagulation Factor Market
14 Aug 2009 Changes ahead in the coagulation factor market by new entrants and technologies
11 Nov 2008 Trends in the diabetes drug pipeline 2008
28 Oct 2008 The future of human insulin: tailored and oral
07 Oct 2008 Human growth hormone (hGH): biosimilar pricing is not enough, convenience will mandate
10 Sep 2008 Takeda reigns supreme among Japanese pharma companies
28 Aug 2008 Emerging diabetes drugs consider beta cell mass and function as an important target
12 Aug 2008 The third generation of TPO mimetics are again biologics
07 Aug 2008 The changing marketplace of antithrombotics: better than cheaper?
23 Jul 2008 Erythropoietins: the shift from biosimilars to “more for less” ESAs
28 Mar 2008 Cancer and TNF antibodies boost Biologics Sales in 2007
11 Feb 2008 2008 is a decisive year for the validation of the asthma target interleukin-13
23 Jul 2007 114 Blockbuster Drugs Accounted for 2006 Sales of US$ 233.7 bln
30 May 2007 The imminent change of the antithrombotics market
02 May 2007 Up and down with cholesterol management
25 Apr 2007 Beyond biogenerics: the real threats for therapeutic proteins
15 Mar 2007 La Merie and PharmaPlus team up to provide No-Frills business intelligence solutions
08 Mar 2007 Weight management is not enough for cannabinoid type 1 (CB1) receptor antagonists to become a commercial success
01 Mar 2007 The new class of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) inhibitors has one clear leader and many followers

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