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07 Mar 2022 Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) by proteasomal PROTACs & molecular glues, lysosomal LYTACs and autophagic AUTOTACs or ATTECs provides plenty of opportunities to drug undruggable targets
06 Oct 2021 Prodrug antibodies and cytokines generated by masking technologies provide plenty of opportunities for founders, investors and partnerships
01 Jul 2021 Vectorized Antibodies for In Vivo Expression by DNA and mRNA: an emerging new technology
11 Jun 2019 New report about bispecific antibodies engaging T-cells and NK cells
23 May 2018 TCR Engineered T-Cells 2018: coming out of the shadow to the light
12 Mar 2018 All time high of biologics sales in 2017 driven by cancer antibodies and innovative anti-inflammatory antibodies
25 Jan 2018 Druggability of intracellular targets: a challenging, but highly rewarded goal for emerging technologies to generate TCR fusion proteins, TCRL antibodies and cell-permeating biologics
23 Jun 2017 mRNA Vaccines and Therapeutics: are you ready to be on the ground floor of the next big new therapeutic modality?
17 Mar 2017 2016 was another record year of biologics sales with antibodies accounting for two-thirds
25 Jan 2017 Oncolytic Viruses: a still undervalued technology with strong growth perspectives
19 Dec 2016 More than ever antibody-drug conjugates generated by new technologies are undergoing clinical proof-of-concept testing
09 Dec 2016 Complimentary copy of report „Blockbuster Biologics 2015: Sales of Recombinant Therapeutic Antibodies & Proteins“
10 Aug 2016 Beyond anti-CD19 CARTs: the future of CAR T-cells depends on the convergence of technologies
29 May 2016 Increasing impact of biosimilars on the market of originator therapeutic antibodies
13 May 2016 Improved next generation of T-cell redirecting bispecific antibodies enters clinical proof-of-concept phase
13 Mar 2016 Biologics sales in 2015 exceeded the USD 150 bln threshold
04 Feb 2016 RORgamma, a hot target for treatment of Th17 cell-mediated immune diseases, but also for immune therapy of cancer
02 Dec 2015 Antibody-drug conjugate technology on the path to productivity providing plenty of opportunities
18 Mar 2015 Innovation with therapeutic antibodies drives 2014 sales of recombinant biologics
12 Mar 2015 Engineered T-Cell Receptor and T-Cells: independent, but also complementary tools for immuno-oncology with great prospects
29 Dec 2014 Recombinant coagulation factors: market, products, R&D pipeline and new competition from alternative procoagulants and gene & cell therapy
16 Jul 2014 Botulinum Neurotoxins: opportunities for biosimilars and biosuperiors to capture market shares (2)
09 May 2014 Recombinant therapeutic antibodies consolidate as growth driver of biologics sales in 2013
23 Jan 2014 The exponential growth of the field of antibody-drug conjugates provides plenty of business opportunities
30 Jun 2013 Redistribution of market shares in the hemophilia market of recombinant coagulation factors due to new approvals and differential profiles

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