10 Sep 2020 Pfizer and BioNTech Announce Data from Preclinical Studies of mRNA-based Vaccine Candidate Against COVID-19
10 Sep 2020 Sinovac Reports Preliminary Phase I/II Results of COVID-19 Vaccine in Elderly Volunteers
10 Sep 2020 Statement on AstraZeneca Oxford SARS-CoV-2 vaccine, AZD1222, COVID-19 vaccine trials temporary pause
09 Sep 2020 Merck Announces Positive Topline Results from Two Phase 3 Adult Studies Evaluating V114, Merck’s Investigational 15-valent Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine, Including Pivotal Trial
09 Sep 2020 Enterome - First Patient Dosed in a Phase 1/2 Trial with EO2401, an Innovative 'OncoMimic' based Immunotherapy Candidate Targeting Adrenal Tumors
09 Sep 2020 Eveliqure announces the award of a NIAID contract to finance Phase 2 clinical studies of its combined Shigella and ETEC vaccine candidate
09 Sep 2020 Biopharma Leaders Unite to Stand with Science
08 Sep 2020 AnGes and Brickell Biotech Announce a Collaboration Agreement for the Development of a Novel DNA Vaccine Candidate for COVID-19 in the U.S.
08 Sep 2020 Vaxart’s Oral COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Induces Potent Systemic and Mucosal Immune Responses in Preclinical Studies
08 Sep 2020 Vaxil Announces Positive Results on CorVax™ in vivo Study
08 Sep 2020 SpyBiotech and Serum Institute of India announce that the first subjects have been dosed in a Phase I/II trial of a novel virus-like particle vaccine targeting COVID-19
08 Sep 2020 Intravacc Receives US NIH/NIAID Contract to Develop Enterovirus D68 Vaccine
08 Sep 2020 Valneva Initiates Phase 3 Clinical Study for its Chikungunya Vaccine Candidate VLA1553
05 Sep 2020 Arcturus Therapeutics Announces Preclinical Publication of its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate
04 Sep 2020 Johnson & Johnson Announces that Janssen’s COVID-19 Investigational Vaccine Candidate Prevents Severe Clinical Disease in Pre-clinical Studies
03 Sep 2020 Sanofi and GSK initiate Phase 1/2 clinical trial of COVID-19 adjuvanted recombinant protein-based vaccine candidate
01 Sep 2020 Elixirgen Therapeutics planning to begin Phase I/II Clinical Trials of its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate EXG-5003 at Fujita Health University
01 Sep 2020 HDT BIO Receives NIH Contract to Advance Novel RNA/LION™ COVID-19 Vaccine Into Clinical Trials
01 Sep 2020 Aegis Life, Inc. Launches to Fight COVID-19 via DNA Vaccines and Therapeutics Enabled by Proprietary Fusogenix Delivery Technology
01 Sep 2020 Development of COVID-19 vaccine AZD1222 expands into US Phase III clinical trial across all adult age groups
31 Aug 2020 Daiichi Sankyo Selected for AMED’s “Development of a Vaccine for COVID-19 Vaccines (Second Round)”
28 Aug 2020 Akers Biosciences and Premas Biotech Announce SARS CoV-2 Positive Proof of Concept Results
27 Aug 2020 GSK announces first participant vaccinated in phase 3 clinical trials of its 5-in-1, meningitis ABCWY vaccine candidate
26 Aug 2020 VBI Vaccines Announces Preclinical Coronavirus Program Data and Selection of Clinical Candidates with Potential as One-Dose Vaccines
26 Aug 2020 EpiVax Announces Licensing of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate to EpiVax Therapeutics

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