02 Mar 2007 Acambis’ JE vaccine meets and exceeds primary endpoint in pivotal Phase 3 efficacy trial
01 Mar 2007 Phase I Data From Targeted Genetics' tgAAC09 Vaccine for HIV/AIDS Presented at Scientific Conference
27 Feb 2007 Merck KGaA: Stimuvax Cancer Vaccine Phase III Study Begins
24 Feb 2007 Focetria(R) pandemic influenza vaccine receives positive European Union regulatory agency opinion supporting approval
24 Feb 2007 Dynavax Reports Interim, One-Year Data From Ragweed Allergy Trial at AAAAI
23 Feb 2007 Cell Genesys and Medarex Announce Encouraging Follow-Up Results from a Phase 1 Combination Therapy Trial With GVAX Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer and Ipilimumab (MDX-010) Antibody
22 Feb 2007 Pre-Clinical Study of Novavax's Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Published in Journal 'Vaccine'
20 Feb 2007 New Data Support Alphavax's Vaccine For CMV
16 Feb 2007 The Immune Response Corporation's Interim Phase II Data Suggest Both REMUNE and IR103 Stabilize CD4+ Cell Counts in Drug-Naive HIV Patients
15 Feb 2007 Acambis signs JE partnership agreement with sanofi pasteur
15 Feb 2007 Study Published in The New England Journal of Medicine: 55 Percent Fewer Cases of Flu in Young Children Vaccinated With FluMist(R) Vs. Flu Shot
14 Feb 2007 Transgene Initiates A Phase I Trial of its Therapeutic Vaccine Candidate TG4040 for Patients Chronically Infected With the Hepatitis C Virus
14 Feb 2007 First Patients Undergo Surgery in Northwest Biotherapeutics' Phase II Brain Cancer Trial
13 Feb 2007 AVANT Immunotherapeutics and Select Vaccines Announce Partnership to Develop Improved Viral Vaccines
13 Feb 2007 Favrille Announces Long-Term Follow-Up Data From Phase 2 Clinical Trial of FavId Following Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation for B-Cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
10 Feb 2007 Personalized Immunotherapy Clinical Trial Initiated in HIV Patients with Argos Therapeutics' AGS-004
09 Feb 2007 Africa's First Large-Scale HIV Vaccine Study Launches
06 Feb 2007 Human Trial Results Show Excellent Safety Data, Positive Immune Responses From GeoVax's DNA/MVA AIDS Vaccines
02 Feb 2007 Generex Biotechnology to Initiate Phase II Clinical Trials in Breast Cancer Patients in Collaboration with United States Military's Cancer Institute
01 Feb 2007 B-Cell Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Clinical Trial Initiated with Argos Therapeutics’ AGS-005 Personalized Immunotherapy
30 Jan 2007 GlaxoSmithKline files its new pre-pandemic influenza vaccine in Europe
30 Jan 2007 Introgen's INGN 225 Molecular Cancer Vaccine Demonstrates Promising Results in Phase 2 Trial
30 Jan 2007 Alphavax Announces Clinical Trials For Influenza And Cmv
27 Jan 2007 Placebo-controlled phase IIa study with hypertension vaccine CYT006-AngQb shows reduction in day-time blood pressure
27 Jan 2007 Crucell's PER.C6(R)-based West Nile Vaccine Demonstrates Excellent Safety and Tolerability

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