04 Mar 2009 Genetic Immunity, Retrospective: Phase 1 Trial Results for the Company's HIV Vaccine Candidate Lead Product
03 Mar 2009 Bavarian Nordic Has Essentially Agreed a Pathway for the Licensure of IMVAMUNE(R) With the FDA After Successful End of Phase II Meeting
03 Mar 2009 immatics completes patient recruitment in phase II study with cancer vaccine IMA901 for renal cell cancer
26 Feb 2009 INTANZA(R)/IDflu(R)*, first intradermal influenza vaccine, approved in the European Union
25 Feb 2009 Hawaii Biotech Reports Phase 1 Results for West Nile Virus Vaccine
24 Feb 2009 NasVax and Ramot Announce Licensing Agreement on Novel Immunotherapies for Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
24 Feb 2009 PharmAthene Presents Data for SparVax(TM) and Valortim(R), a Novel Vaccine and Anti-Toxin for the Prevention and Treatment of Anthrax Infection at the 7th Annual ASM Biodefense Meeting
23 Feb 2009 VGX Pharmaceuticals Avian Influenza DNA Vaccine Delivered with Electroporation Provides 100% Protection of Non-Human Primates
23 Feb 2009 BN ImmunoTherapeutics Updates on Phase I/II Studies With Breast Cancer Vaccine
20 Feb 2009 GeoVax Starts Injections for Phase 2a Human HIV/AIDS Vaccine Trial in USA
17 Feb 2009 Sanofi Pasteur Starts a Phase II Study of a Vaccine Against Clostridium Difficile
17 Feb 2009 Novavax Presents Favorable Results from Phase I/IIa Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Program at World Health Organization Conference
17 Feb 2009 Sanofi Pasteur Dengue Vaccine Enters Pediatric Efficacy Clinical Study
17 Feb 2009 Transgene confirms longer survival for patients treated with TG4010 in its ongoing Phase IIb non-small cell lung cancer trial
16 Feb 2009 Diamyd receives new approval for study to follow swedish children and confirm long-term effect of the Diamyd (R) diabetes vaccine
13 Feb 2009 Vical Presents Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Results and Outlook At WHO Meeting
09 Feb 2009 Dynavax Announces Receipt of Communication from the U.S. FDA on HEPLISAVTM Hepatitis B Vaccine
09 Feb 2009 Mymetics Corporation Announces Success of Its Preventive Vaccine Against HIV/AIDS and Commencement of European Phase 1 Human Clinical Trials
05 Feb 2009 Diamyd(R) Combination Trial Aimed at Regenerating Insulin-Producing Capacity in Established Type 1 diabetes Gets Approval from FDA
30 Jan 2009 BioMS Medical reports results of exploratory phase II trial of dirucotide in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis
26 Jan 2009 DelSite, Inc. Discontinues Manufacturing Operations; Receives FDA Approval to Initiate Phase I Clinical Study for GelVacTM Nasal Powder Bird Flu Vaccine
20 Jan 2009 Celldex Announces License of its Cholera and ETEC Vaccine Programs
19 Jan 2009 Intercell Signs Exclusive Agreement for Marketing and Distribution of its Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine in Japan and Korea
15 Jan 2009 Positive results with Oralgen(R) Grass Pollen in second season of treatment
13 Jan 2009 Merck Serono and Apitope Announce Licensing Agreement on Novel Peptide Therapeutics for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

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