27 Apr 2009 VaxInnates Seasonal Flu Vaccine Candidate Shown Safe and Immunogenic in Phase I Study
24 Apr 2009 GlobeImmune's Hepatitis C Therapeutic Vaccine, GI-5005, Improves EVR Rates to 94 Percent in Phase 2 Clinical Trial
24 Apr 2009 Opexa Publication of Tovaxin Clinical Data in Journal of Clinical Immunology
23 Apr 2009 Phase 1 trial of whole-parasite malaria vaccine to begin
23 Apr 2009 Vical Reports Publication of Key Research Findings for Immunotherapeutic Herpes Vaccine
22 Apr 2009 Data Presented at AACR Annual Meeting Show Anti-Tumor Activity of Peregrine's Fully Human Anti-PS Antibody in Prostate Cancer Model
21 Apr 2009 Circassia's Allergy Therapy Begins Phase II Clinical Trial in Asthma Patients
20 Apr 2009 Dendreon Announces Data on PROVENGE Potency and Long-Term Immune Responses in Androgen-Dependent Prostate Cancer
20 Apr 2009 Generex Data Presented At American Association for Cancer Research 100th Annual Meeting
16 Apr 2009 Genetic Immunity, InPlay: Second Phase II Clinical Trial Commences in Italy on Company's Lead Product Candidate DermaVir Patch HIV Vaccine
16 Apr 2009 GlobeImmune Initiates Phase 1 Clinical Trial With NCI in CEA Over-Expressing Cancers
14 Apr 2009 NOVAVAX Announces Publication of a Preclinical Study Demonstrating that a Virus-like Particle Vaccine Provided Protection Against Highly Pathogenic H1N1 and H5N1 Influenza Strains
14 Apr 2009 BioVex Commences OncoVEX (GM-CSF) Phase 3 Trial in Metastatic Melanoma
07 Apr 2009 Intercell starts a Phase I clinical trial for a new Streptococcus pneumoniae vaccine
02 Apr 2009 Intercell announces European approval of new vaccine, IXIARO®, to prevent Japanese Encephalitis
30 Mar 2009 Ixiaro(R) receives FDA approval for the prevention of Japanese Encephalitis
19 Mar 2009 ImVisioN Therapeutics Reports Positive Phase I Clinical Results for Treatment of Cat Dander Allergy
17 Mar 2009 Cytos Biotechnology announces alignment of resources following setback in the development of its hypertension vaccine CYT006-AngQb
16 Mar 2009 Nobilon Advances First Vaccine Into Human Trials
16 Mar 2009 Neovacs Announces the Publication of a PNAS Article on Anti-IFN Kinoid Active Immunization in Lupus
05 Mar 2009 Opexa Provides Key Quality of Life Data on Tovaxin for Multiple Sclerosis
04 Mar 2009 Pollinex(R) Quattro Grass Dossier Submitted for European Union ('EU') Regulatory Review
04 Mar 2009 Genetic Immunity, Retrospective: Phase 1 Trial Results for the Company's HIV Vaccine Candidate Lead Product
03 Mar 2009 Bavarian Nordic Has Essentially Agreed a Pathway for the Licensure of IMVAMUNE(R) With the FDA After Successful End of Phase II Meeting
03 Mar 2009 immatics completes patient recruitment in phase II study with cancer vaccine IMA901 for renal cell cancer

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