02 Nov 2009 Investigational Sublingual Allergy Immunotherapy Tablet Meets Primary Endpoint in a Study of Adult Subjects With a History of Grass Pollen Allergies
29 Oct 2009 FluGen Cell-Based, Egg-Free Method Produces Novel 2009 H1N1 Vaccine Virus
29 Oct 2009 Celldex Therapeutics Presents Positive Clinical Data from Phase 1 Studies of Antibody-Based Cancer Vaccine Candidate, CDX-1307
29 Oct 2009 Studies Show Early Promise of MannKind's Cancer Immunotherapy Program in Melanoma, Prostate Cancer and Other Solid Malignancies
27 Oct 2009 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Presents Data from Phase I Trial of ICT-107 Demonstrating Significant Increase in Tumor-Free Progression in Patients with Brain Cancer
22 Oct 2009 Interim Clinical Trial Results Show MedImmune's H1N1 Vaccine Has Similar Safety Profile as Seasonal Vaccine in Eligible Children and Adults
22 Oct 2009 Results presented at ACR 2009 confirm the promise of the IFN± Kinoid as a therapeutic approach for lupus
21 Oct 2009 Antigenics Announces a Negative Vote From the CHMP on Oncophage® Marketing Application in Europe
21 Oct 2009 Crucell HIV Vaccine: Promising Preliminary Results Phase I Study Presented by Dr Dan Barouch at AIDS Vaccine 2009 in Paris
21 Oct 2009 Researchers Find That Vacc-4x Therapeutic Peptide-Based HIV Vaccine Increases CD4 T-Cells in Chronically Infected HIV-1 Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy (ART)
21 Oct 2009 Argos Therapeutics Presents Positive Phase 2 Viral Load and Immune Response Data for Arcelis HIV Program at the AIDS Vaccine 2009 Conference
20 Oct 2009 Detailed Results from RV 144 HIV Vaccine Trial Published Today in The New England Journal of Medicine and Presented at the AIDS Vaccine 2009 Conference Provide Insight for Future Research
20 Oct 2009 AFFiRiS AG - Encouraging Results From Phase I Studies of two Alzheimer's Candidate Vaccines Trigger a EUR 10 Million Milestone Payment
20 Oct 2009 Mymetics Corporation Presents Ground Breaking Results With Preventative HIV Vaccine at the World AIDS Vaccine Congress in Paris 19 - 22 October
16 Oct 2009 Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Influenza Update: Results from second clinical trial of GSK’s H1N1 adjuvanted vaccine confirm immune response and tolerability
16 Oct 2009 FDA approves Cervarix, GlaxoSmithKline’s cervical cancer vaccine
16 Oct 2009 Cyplasin Biomedical Ltd., announces Hepatitis C product licensing deal
16 Oct 2009 Interim analysis of an ongoing phase II study with nicotine vaccine shows primary endpoint not achieved
15 Oct 2009 Inovio Biomedical Announces Initiation of HIV Clinical Trial for DNA Vaccine Delivered Using Electroporation
15 Oct 2009 Intercell starts European Pivotal Phase III clinical trial for the patch-based Travelers' Diarrhea Vaccine
14 Oct 2009 Sanofi Pasteur Announces Results of U.S. Clinical Trials of Influenza A (H1N1) Vaccine in Infants and Children
14 Oct 2009 NasVax Announces Positive Preclinical Result of Swine Flu Vaccine Using its Novel Adjuvant
14 Oct 2009 Nobilon Advances Intranasal Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Into Proof of Concept Study
08 Oct 2009 Bayer Schering Pharma collaborates with AC Immune in the field of Alzheimer´s disease

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