26 Jul 2010 Vical's Herpes Simplex Vaccines Protect Against Lethal Challenge and Demonstrate Significant Therapeutic Benefit in Animal Models
22 Jul 2010 MabVax Therapeutics Initiates Phase II Clinical Trial of Vaccine to Prevent Recurrent Sarcoma
19 Jul 2010 Immunacia's Genetic Immunity Reports Phase II Data on DermaVir, a Therapeutic Vaccine for HIV/AIDS, During the XVIII International AIDS Conference: A 70% Viral Load Reduction Demonstrated in HIV Drug-naïve Individuals
19 Jul 2010 Phase II Data from FIT Biotech's HIV Immunotherapy Show Reduction in Viral Load and Increase in CD4 Cell Count
19 Jul 2010 Argos Therapeutics' Arcelis HIV Immunotherapy Demonstrates Significant Reduction in Viral Load and Delay in Viral Rebound Kinetics in Interim Analysis of Phase 2 Study
15 Jul 2010 PharmAthene Presents New Data for Lyophilized rPA Anthrax Vaccine Showing Enhanced Immunogenicity
15 Jul 2010 Aduro BioTech Announces Key Milestones in Advancing Its Leading Listeria-Based Immunotherapy Program
14 Jul 2010 Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Completes Enrollment of First NicVAX Phase III Clinical Trial
13 Jul 2010 Generex Oncology Granted United States Patent for AE37 Peptide Vaccine
12 Jul 2010 Immunovaccine Licenses Clinical Stage Cancer Vaccine from Merck KGaA
08 Jul 2010 Crucell Reaches Agreement with Sanofi Pasteur on Programs in the Field of Paediatric and Respiratory Vaccines
08 Jul 2010 PharmAthene Develops Thermostable Lyophilized rPA Anthrax Vaccine Under a Challenge Grant From the National Institutes of Health
07 Jul 2010 Dynavax Initiates First Human Trial in Universal Flu Vaccine Program
06 Jul 2010 DBV Technologies Receives IND Clearance from FDA to Begin Clinical Trial in Peanut Allergy
02 Jul 2010 Intercell reports Phase II Study Results of its Vaccine Enhancement Patch for Pandemic Influenza
29 Jun 2010 Scancell Enters Research Collaboration with immatics to Develop Novel ImmunoBody Vaccines for Colorectal Cancer
29 Jun 2010 Immunovaccine Signs Agreement With Oncothyreon To Develop Cancer Vaccine
29 Jun 2010 Inovio Pharmaceuticals' Novel Gene Immunoadjuvant Significantly Improves DNA Vaccine Immune Responses in Non-Human Primates
28 Jun 2010 Mymetics' Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Vaccine Protects From Viral Challenge in Pre-Clinical Study
28 Jun 2010 STALLERGENES: Persistent Efficacy Demonstrated After a Year on Actair(R) Followed by a Second Treatment-Free Year
25 Jun 2010 Soligenix Announces Publication of Positive Data Describing Protection from Mucosal and Systemic Ricin Intoxication by Intradermal RiVax Administration
24 Jun 2010 Radient Phamacueticals Strategic Partner Jaiva Technologies Plans to Submit Application for Phase II Human Clinical Trials for Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma; Advancing Commercialization of RPC's CIT(TM) Cancer Vaccine in India
24 Jun 2010 Crucell Announces Start of Universal RSV Vaccine Program
23 Jun 2010 ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Announces Licensing Agreement with Targepeutics for Worldwide Intellectual Property Rights to Validated Immunotherapy Targ

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