18 May 2007 Staphylococcus aureus vaccine development on track - safe and immunogenic in Phase I clinical trials
18 May 2007 Acambis' ACAM2000 receives positive recommendations from Advisory Committee
17 May 2007 Next Generation Nasal Spray Against Influenza: Clinical Phase I Study Started With FLUVACCdelNS1
16 May 2007 Cytos Biotechnology reports positive results from placebo controlled phase IIa study in patients suffering from house dust mite allergy
16 May 2007 In a phase II clinical trial, Curalogic has shown that its grass product is well tolerated without up-dosing
15 May 2007 Vical DNA Vaccine Elicits Lasting Memory T-cell Immune Responses in Humans
12 May 2007 Crucell, AERAS and SATVI Announce Start of Tuberculosis Vaccine Clinical Trial in South Africa six months after launching initial trial in the United States
12 May 2007 Phase I Trial for ImmunoCellular Therapeutics Brain Tumor Vaccine Commences
10 May 2007 Dendreon Receives Complete Response Letter from FDA For Provenge(R) Biologics License Application
10 May 2007 Cell Genesys Provides Update on Clinical Program for GVAX Immunotherapy for Leukemia
10 May 2007 Sinovac Commences Phase II Clinical Trials for Pandemic Influenza Vaccine (H5N1)
09 May 2007 Focetria(R), the Novartis pandemic influenza vaccine, receives European Union approval
04 May 2007 Pharmexa starts pivotal phase III trial in the United States
04 May 2007 BioMS Medical Completes Patient Recruitment in MINDSET-01 Phase II Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Trial
04 May 2007 Revolutionary Immunologic Data Explains Function of Diamyd Diabetes Vaccine
04 May 2007 Novavax Reports Positive Pre-Clinical Study Results from Live Virus Challenge to Pandemic Flu Vaccine
03 May 2007 Nabi Biopharmaceuticals Announces Positive Results of Phase IIb Trial of NicVAX
01 May 2007 Pharmexa and Bavarian Nordic initiates new NIH funded Phase I trial of two HIV vaccines EP1233 and MVA-BN Polytope in combination
01 May 2007 Advaxis Announces Completion of Patient Accrual in Lovaxin C Phase I/II Trial
01 May 2007 Apollo develops needle-free topical vaccine
28 Apr 2007 Optaflu(R), the Novartis cell culture-derived influenza vaccine, receives positive opinion supporting European Union regulatory approval
27 Apr 2007 Iomai Dose-Ranging Trial Demonstrates Needle-Free Patch Vaccine for Travelers' Diarrhea Stimulates Immune Response Even at Low Doses
26 Apr 2007 Novartis expands portfolio of respiratory medicines by acquiring rights to a novel therapeutic vaccine against nicotine addiction
20 Apr 2007 Resistentia Initiates Phase II Clinical Testing of Novel Immunotherapeutic for Allergic Asthma
19 Apr 2007 Favrille Announces Results From Study Showing Enhanced Activity From Insect Cell-Derived Immunotherapy for Lymphoma

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