Small Molecules

25 May 2007 BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. Submits New Drug Application for U.S. Marketing Authorization of Kuvan for Phenylketonuria (PKU)
24 May 2007 HUYA Bioscience International and Chipscreen Biosciences Initiate a Phase I Clinical Cancer Trial
24 May 2007 Biotie Therapies Corp. Stock Exchange Release
24 May 2007 Aquavan(R) (Fospropofol Disodium) Injection Data Presented at Digestive Disease Week 2007
24 May 2007 Preclinical Data of ANAVEX 1-41 and ANAVEX 2-73, Show Highly Potent Anti-Amnesic and Neuroprotective Activity Against Amyloid Beta (25-35) Peptide Toxicity in Alzheimer's Disease (AD) Animal Models
23 May 2007 Six-Week Investigational Study In Adults With Major Depressive Disorder Evaluates The Effectiveness of Adjunctive Aripiprazole Therapy With Antidepressants
23 May 2007 Sosei Announces Successful Completion of AD 923
23 May 2007 Limerick NeuroSciences Initiates Phase I Clinical Trial
23 May 2007 New Agreement Boosts Pipeline for Synosia Therapeutics
23 May 2007 Acorda Therapeutics and FDA Reach Agreement on Special Protocol Assessment for Second Phase 3 Study of Fampridine-SR in Multiple Sclerosis
23 May 2007 Positive Clinical Data on CC-10004 Confirms Potential as Novel Oral Approach to Treating Inflammatory Diseases
23 May 2007 Auxilium Announces New Data That Show Total Testosterone Blood Levels Increase Significantly Following Switch from AndroGel(R) to Testim(R)
23 May 2007 FDA Approves Lybrel, First Low Dose Combination Oral Contraceptive Offering Women the Opportunity to Be Period-Free Over Time
23 May 2007 Aspreva Completes Expanded Patient Enrollment in Phase III Clinical Trial for CellCept in Pemphigus Vulgaris
23 May 2007 Advancis Pharmaceutical Corporation (AVNC) Announces FDA Acceptance of Amoxicillin PULSYS NDA
23 May 2007 Forest Laboratories, Inc. and Cypress Bioscience, Inc. Announce Positive Results of Phase III Study for Milnacipran as a Treatment for Fibromyalgia Syndrome
23 May 2007 New Long-Term Data Analyses for Bifeprunox Show Favorable Effects vs. Placebo in Stabilized Patients with Schizophrenia
23 May 2007 Antipsychotic Iloperidone Results Show Favorable Akathisia Profile
23 May 2007 Neurogen Proprietary Insomnia Compound Data Presented at American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting
23 May 2007 Vion Announces Suspension of Phase III Trial in Relapsed AML
22 May 2007 GlaxoSmithKline responds to NEJM article on Avandia
22 May 2007 Talabostat Clinical Program Put on Clinical Hold by FDA
22 May 2007 Tibolone study in breast cancer patients to close ahead of schedule
22 May 2007 Single-tablet combination of Tekturna(R) and diuretic, an important new option for people with high blood pressure, submitted for US approval
22 May 2007 Baraclude(R) (Entecavir) Treatment Demonstrated Greater Viral Load Reduction Compared to Adefovir at 48 Weeks in Study of Antiviral-Naive Chronic Hepatitis B E-Antigen Positive Patients

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