Small Molecules

17 Apr 2007 Progen's Phase 2 Liver Cancer Trial Exceeds Efficacy Objective
17 Apr 2007 FDA Accepts GPC Biotech's Satraplatin NDA for Filing and Grants Priority Review Status
17 Apr 2007 Biomira selects PX-866 as clinical development candidate and presents promising preclinical data at AACR
17 Apr 2007 The Multiple Myeloma Research Consortium and Nereus Pharmaceuticals Initiate Clinical Trial Investigating NPI-0052 to Treat Multiple Myeloma
17 Apr 2007 Metabasis Therapeutics Presents Results of a Clinical Study for Its Novel Liver-Targeted Product Candidate for the Treatment of HCC at American Association for Cancer Research
17 Apr 2007 ZIOPHARM Presents Data on Orally Active ZIO-201 at AACR
16 Apr 2007 Tapestry Pharmaceuticals Presents Data on TPI at the AACR Annual Meeting 2007
16 Apr 2007 INNOVIVE Pharmaceuticals Announces Interim Phase I Data on INNO-406 for the Treatment of Gleevec-resistant or Intolerant Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia
15 Apr 2007 Interim Results Presented at EASL from PROVE 1 Clinical Trial of Investigational Drug Telaprevir in Patients with Genotype 1 Hepatitis C
14 Apr 2007 Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Licenses Selective Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor MS-275
14 Apr 2007 CORRECTING and REPLACING FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Against Approval for Merck's NDA for ARCOXIA(R) (etoricoxib)
14 Apr 2007 ANA380 Exhibits Activity In Vitro Against Multiple Clinically Relevant Hepatitis B Virus Mutants
14 Apr 2007 ViroPharma Announces Presentation of Additional HCV-796 Data at Meeting of The European Association for the Study of the Liver
14 Apr 2007 FDA Approves New Dose of RISPERDAL(R) CONSTA(R) for Schizophrenia Treatment
14 Apr 2007 BARACLUDE(R) (entecavir) Therapy Resulted in Undetectable Levels of Hepatitis B Virus in Cohort of Patients Who Re-Started Treatment
14 Apr 2007 Eisai Withdraw Application for Additional Indication of Aricept(R)
14 Apr 2007 Poniard Pharmaceuticals Announces Treatment of First Patient in Phase 1 Trial of Oral Formulation of Picoplatin
14 Apr 2007 First Patient Enrolled In Phase 2 'PLASMA' Trial With A-002 For Patients With Coronary Atherosclerosis
14 Apr 2007 MediGene Initiates Clinical Phase II Trial of EndoTAG(TM)-1 for the Treatment of Hormone Receptor Negative Breast Cancer
13 Apr 2007 Hybrigenics' Inecalcitol Shows High Level of Tolerance For further
13 Apr 2007 Cytokinetics Announces Initiation of Phase II Clinical Trials Program for CK-1827452
13 Apr 2007 GSK initiates repeat dosing study of its novel oral platelet growth factor, eltrombopag, in ITP
13 Apr 2007 Idenix Reports Results from Two Phase IIb Studies of the Combination of Valopicitabine and Pegylated Interferon in Hepatitis C Genotype-1 Patients at the 42nd Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver
13 Apr 2007 Array BioPharma Achieves Milestone for Dosing MEK Inhibitor, ARRY-704, in Phase 1 Clinical Trial
13 Apr 2007 GSK announces FDA approval of Altabax(TM)(retapamulin ointment), 1%

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