Proteins and Peptides

19 Oct 2007 Paion sees continued development rationale for Desmoteplase based on findings from phase III analysis
19 Oct 2007 Acceleron Pharma’s ACE-031 Increases Muscle Mass In a Preclinical Model of Glucocorticoid-induced Muscle Loss
19 Oct 2007 Cleveland BioLabs Completes Manufacturing Process for Protectan CBLB502
19 Oct 2007 Nektar Therapeutics Issues Statement on Exubera
19 Oct 2007 SemBioSys confirms commercially viable levels of Native APO AI in safflower
19 Oct 2007 Flamel Technologies Announces Positive Results of a Phase I Trial of FT-105 Basal Insulin versus Lantus(R)
18 Oct 2007 Omiganan Phase II Rosacea Study Demonstrates Promising Results
16 Oct 2007 Savient Pharmaceuticals Completes Puricase(R) Phase 3 Studies for Treatment-Failure Gout
16 Oct 2007 Baxter Adds Recombinant Protein to Specialty Therapeutics Portfolio
16 Oct 2007 NRP drug effective in animal models of motor neuron disease and peripheral neuropathy
13 Oct 2007 OctoPlus announces positive Phase IIa efficacy and tolerability results for Locteron in hepatitis C
13 Oct 2007 Long-Term Study Shows COPAXONE® Significantly Slows Progression of Disability and Reduces Relapse Rates in Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
13 Oct 2007 Cyplasin-SC(TM) shows proof of efficacy in tumor bearing animals
12 Oct 2007 Clinical Benefits Demonstrated with Low-Dose GATTEX(TM) in Phase 3 Short Bowel Syndrome Study
12 Oct 2007 CuraGen Announces Top-Line Phase II Results on Velafermin
12 Oct 2007 Two-year Phase IIIb data show that the new formulation of Rebif® offers a near three-fold improvement in injection tolerability and reduced immunogenicity
12 Oct 2007 Nile Therapeutics Announces Positive Phase 1a Results of CD-NP, a Selective NPR-B Agonist in Clinical Development for the Treatment of Heart Failure
12 Oct 2007 Affymax Doses First Patient in the Phase 3 Clinical Program of Hematide(TM) to Treat Anemia in Chronic Renal Failure Patients
12 Oct 2007 NascaCell Technologies AG and Boehringer Ingelheim sign collaboration agreement on therapeutic Microbodies(TM)
11 Oct 2007 Advitech Announces Positive Preclinical Results for Wound-Healing Application
11 Oct 2007 Biological Validation of Lead Compunds in Rheumatoid Arthritis Programme
09 Oct 2007 Jerini Initiates FDA Submission Process of New Drug Application for Icatibant in the Treatment of HAE
09 Oct 2007 Alnylam Presents First Ever Non-Human Primate Data with an RNAi Therapeutic Targeting PCSK9 Showing Significant and Durable Reductions in LDL Cholesterol Levels
06 Oct 2007 Interim Results from a New Trial of CANCIDAS(R) (caspofungin acetate) in Pediatric Patients with Documented Fungal Infections
06 Oct 2007 Genzyme Receives Approval to Market Elaprase(R) in Japan

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