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20 Oct 2022 PIC Therapeutics Completes $35 Million Series A Financing to Develop Treatments for Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer PIC Therapeutics Completes $35 Million Series A Financing to Develop Treatments for Drug-Resistant Breast Cancer
19 Oct 2022 LG Chem to Acquire AVEO Oncology for $15.00 Per Share in Cash
18 Oct 2022 Eureka Therapeutics Announces License with the National Cancer Institute to Advance GPC2 ARTEMIS® T Cell Therapy for Neuroblastoma
18 Oct 2022 Lilly to Acquire Akouos to Discover and Develop Treatments for Hearing Loss
18 Oct 2022 Merck and the Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute Announce Licensing Agreement for Novel Tuberculosis Antibiotic Candidates
17 Oct 2022 Gilead and MacroGenics Announce Oncology Collaboration to Develop Bispecific Antibodies
12 Oct 2022 Tavros Therapeutics and Vividion Therapeutics Announce Strategic Collaboration to Discover and Enhance Targeted Oncology Programs
12 Oct 2022 Ascidian Therapeutics Launches to Rewrite RNA
12 Oct 2022 Nimbus Therapeutics Announces Research Collaboration and License Agreement with Lilly for Small Molecule Activators of AMPK
12 Oct 2022 Illumina Launches Strategic Research Collaboration with AstraZeneca to Accelerate Drug Target Discovery
10 Oct 2022 RadioMedix announces a $40 million Series A financing for the advancement of novel Targeted Alpha Therapy platform and diagnostic companion radiopharmaceuticals to address unmet needs in oncology; Michael Lee-Chin appointed to the board of the company
06 Oct 2022 Nested Therapeutics Launches With $125 Million Financing
06 Oct 2022 Amphista Therapeutics partners with Domainex to advance portfolio of drug discovery projects targeting protein degradation
05 Oct 2022 Sibylla Biotech Raises €23 Million Series A to Advance Protein Degradation by Folding Interference Pipeline and Expand Technology Platform
05 Oct 2022 Autolus Therapeutics Announces Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb for Use of Autolus’ Proprietary Safety Switch System
05 Oct 2022 SyntheX and Bristol Myers Squibb Enter Into a Research Collaboration to Discover and Develop Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) Therapeutics
05 Oct 2022 Voyager Therapeutics Announces Pfizer License of Next-Generation AAV Capsid for Rare Neurologic Disease Target
04 Oct 2022 Astellas and Pantherna Enter into a New Technology Evaluation Agreement for Research with Expanded Target Organ to Generate mRNA-Based Regenerative Medicine Programs Using Direct Reprogramming
03 Oct 2022 Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease to Acquire LogicBio® Therapeutics to Accelerate Growth in Genomic Medicine
03 Oct 2022 Solid Biosciences Announces Acquisition of AavantiBio and Concurrent $75 Million Private Placement
30 Sep 2022 Ventus Therapeutics Enters Exclusive Development and License Agreement with Novo Nordisk for NLRP3 Inhibitor Program
29 Sep 2022 Almirall and Simcere enter into a licensing agreement for IL-2-mu-Fc
28 Sep 2022 Sudo Biosciences Raises $37M Series A Financing to Advance Precision TYK2 Therapeutics
28 Sep 2022 Arsenal Biosciences Announces Joint Discovery Collaboration with Genentech to Identify Features of Successful T-Cell Therapies for Oncology
28 Sep 2022 Scribe Therapeutics Announces Research Collaboration with Sanofi to Accelerate Breakthrough CRISPR-based Cell Therapies for Cancer

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