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03 Oct 2022 Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease to Acquire LogicBio® Therapeutics to Accelerate Growth in Genomic Medicine
03 Oct 2022 Solid Biosciences Announces Acquisition of AavantiBio and Concurrent $75 Million Private Placement
30 Sep 2022 Ventus Therapeutics Enters Exclusive Development and License Agreement with Novo Nordisk for NLRP3 Inhibitor Program
29 Sep 2022 Almirall and Simcere enter into a licensing agreement for IL-2-mu-Fc
28 Sep 2022 Sudo Biosciences Raises $37M Series A Financing to Advance Precision TYK2 Therapeutics
28 Sep 2022 Arsenal Biosciences Announces Joint Discovery Collaboration with Genentech to Identify Features of Successful T-Cell Therapies for Oncology
28 Sep 2022 Scribe Therapeutics Announces Research Collaboration with Sanofi to Accelerate Breakthrough CRISPR-based Cell Therapies for Cancer
22 Sep 2022 GSK and Spero Therapeutics Announce Exclusive License Agreement for Late-Stage Antibiotic Asset, Tebipenem HBr
21 Sep 2022 Merck Enters Collaboration and Option to License Agreement with Nerviano Medical Sciences to Develop Next-Generation PARP1 Selective Inhibitor
21 Sep 2022 Sesen Bio and Carisma Therapeutics Announce Merger Agreement
21 Sep 2022 Octagon Therapeutics Enters Inflammation-Focused Research Alliance with Novo Nordisk
21 Sep 2022 Rocket Pharmaceuticals to Acquire Renovacor, Extending Leadership in AAV-based Cardiac Gene Therapy
20 Sep 2022 Versantis to be acquired by GENFIT, combining forces to continue the development of its revolutionary therapeutics for patients with liver diseases
16 Sep 2022 Integral Molecular Licenses Claudin 18.2 Monoclonal Antibodies to CARTEXELL for Oncology Cell Therapies
13 Sep 2022 Novo Nordisk and Microsoft collaborate to accelerate drug discovery and development using big data and artificial intelligence
09 Sep 2022 Photys Therapeutics Debuts with $75 Million Series A Funding to Advance New Class of Bifunctional Molecules for Precision Phosphorylation to Modulate and Repair Disease-Driving Proteins
07 Sep 2022 Good Therapeutics Announces Acquisition of Conditionally Active PD-1-regulated IL-2 Program by Roche
07 Sep 2022 Orbital Therapeutics Launches to Advance New Frontiers of Science with the Next Generation of Innovative RNA Medicines
06 Sep 2022 PhoreMost enters multi-project drug target discovery collaboration with Roche
01 Sep 2022 Novo Nordisk to acquire Forma Therapeutics and expand presence in sickle cell disease and rare blood disorders
23 Aug 2022 NorthStar Medical Radioisotopes Announces Supply Agreement with Aktis Oncology, Inc. for Alpha-emitting Therapeutic Radioisotope Actinium-225 (Ac-225)
17 Aug 2022 Atomwise Signs Strategic Multi-Target Research Collaboration with Sanofi for AI-Powered Drug Discovery
16 Aug 2022 Merck and Orna Therapeutics Collaborate to Advance Orna’s Next Generation of RNA Technology
11 Aug 2022 ProQR to Focus Exclusively on Axiomer RNA-editing Technology and Partner Ophthalmology Programs
11 Aug 2022 GentiBio Announces Collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb to Pioneer Engineered Treg Therapies for Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

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