DNA RNA and Cells

19 May 2008 Preclinical Data Demonstrate Ability to Regenerate an Entire Bladder with Tengion Neo-Bladder Replacement(TM)
16 May 2008 OncoGenex reports updated survival data on OGX-011 in a second-line chemotherapy trial for patients with prostate cancer
15 May 2008 FDA Places Geron’s GRNOPC1 IND on Clinical Hold
13 May 2008 AVI BioPharma Announces Significant Advance in the Potential Treatment of Ebola and Marburg Virus Infections
12 May 2008 Argos Therapeutics Initiates Phase 2 Proof-of-Concept Trial for its Arcelis(TM) Personalized Immunotherapy Platform in HIV
09 May 2008 Oncolytics Biotech Inc. Starts Patient Enrolment in U.K. Combination REOLYSIN(R)/Cyclophosphamide Trial
09 May 2008 Osiris and NuVasive Enter into Definitive Agreement for Osteocel(R)
08 May 2008 Osiris Receives Approval for Use of Prochymal(TM) Under FDA Expanded Access Treatment Program
07 May 2008 FDA and the Paul Ehrlich Institute (Germany) Approve Pluristem’s Regulatory Submissions in Support of a Phase I/II Clinical Trial Utilizing PLX-PAD for Peripheral Artery Disease
05 May 2008 MOLOGEN AG receives approval for clinical study with cancer drug MGN1703
02 May 2008 Celgene Cellular Therapeutics Announces Clinical Transplant of Human Placenta-Derived Stem Cells
30 Apr 2008 Topigen reports progess toward clinical trials for TPI 1100 at Rnai World CongressTopigen reports progess toward clinical trials for TPI 1100 at Rnai World Congress
29 Apr 2008 Nuvelo Announces Positive Proof-of-Concept Data With Anticogulant NU172
28 Apr 2008 Alnylam and Collaborators at MIT Publish Research on the Discovery of 'Lipidoids', a Novel Class of Lipid-Based Molecules for the Delivery of RNAi Therapeutics
28 Apr 2008 Targeted Genetics Announces Data From First Gene Therapy Trial for Leber's Congenital Amaurosis in New England Journal of Medicine
25 Apr 2008 FDA Provides Clarity to Isis Regarding the Development Path for Mipomersen
24 Apr 2008 ReNeuron announces further pre-clinical data with its ReN003 programme for diseases of the retina
23 Apr 2008 Lorus initiates development program exploring novel route of administration for LOR-2040
21 Apr 2008 Calando Receives FDA Approval for Phase I Clinical Trial Using a Targeted siRNA Nanoparticle Therapeutic
18 Apr 2008 Isis Reports Reduction of apoB-100 Levels in a Murine Model Resulting in Up to 92% Reduction of Atherosclerosis
17 Apr 2008 GlaxoSmithKline and Regulus Therapeutics form strategic alliance to develop microRNA targeted therapeutics to treat inflammatory diseases
16 Apr 2008 Lorus Therapeutics presents new findings for the anticancer drugs LOR-253 and LOR-2040
16 Apr 2008 Aldagen Announces Initiation of ALD-101 Phase III Trial for Improving Cord Blood Transplants in Pediatric Patients With Inherited Metabolic Diseases
14 Apr 2008 Cephalon Announces European Commission Approval of EFFENTORA for the Treatment of Breakthrough Cancer Pain
09 Apr 2008 Alnylam Initiates Phase II Trial to Evaluate Safety and Tolerability of ALN-RSV01 in Adult Lung Transplant Patients Naturally Infected with Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection

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