DNA RNA and Cells

14 Sep 2010 AGTC Receives Grant from Food and Drug Administration for Clinical Study of Genetic Retinal Disease
14 Sep 2010 Data from Clinical Trials Show Pluristem’s Placenta-Derived Cell Therapy is Safe and Improves Quality of Life and Efficacy Measurements in Patients With Critical Limb Ischemia
13 Sep 2010 Jennerex Presents Positive Interim Data Using JX-594 and Sorafenib to Treat Liver Cancer
13 Sep 2010 Geron Obtains Exclusive License for Deriving Cartilage from Human Embryonic Stem Cells from University of Edinburgh
13 Sep 2010 Regenerative Cellular Therapy in Chronic Kidney Disease Extends Survival; Tengion Preclinical Study Published in American Journal of Physiology Renal Physiology
13 Sep 2010 Diamyd Reports Promising Safety Findings from Phase I Study in Chronic Pain
13 Sep 2010 Marina Biotech, Inc. Announces Significant Knockdown of Gene Targets in Tumors With a microRNA Mimetic
08 Sep 2010 Jennerex and Transgene Enter Into an Exclusive Partnership for the Development and Commercialization of JX-594 for the Treatment of Cancers
08 Sep 2010 Sylentis Receives Authorization to Commence a New Phase I/II Clinical Trial with SYL040012 for Treating Elevated Intraocular Pressure and Glaucoma
07 Sep 2010 Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Receives Clearance From FDA to Initiate TKM-PLK1 Phase 1 Clinical Trial
02 Sep 2010 New Research Demonstrates Safety of Cord-blood-derived Stem Cell Treatments
01 Sep 2010 Functional Technologies Reports Positive Results of Novel Malaria Treatment Trials
01 Sep 2010 Cellerant Therapeutics Awarded $153 Million Contract by Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to Develop Treatment for Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS)
01 Sep 2010 Data from Mipomersen Phase 3 Trial in heFH Patients Presented at ESC
30 Aug 2010 Pluristem’s Placenta Derived Cells Chosen by European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program (FP7) Study for Treatment of Diastolic Heart Failure (DHF) in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
27 Aug 2010 Idera Pharmaceuticals Achieves Clinical Milestone Under Its Collaboration with Merck KGaA for Cancer Treatment
26 Aug 2010 International Stem Cell Institute Launches Major Adipose Adult Stem Cell Therapy Program-The New Frontier of Medicine is Your Fat
25 Aug 2010 Neuralstem Files FDA Application for First Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Stem Cell Trial
24 Aug 2010 Novel Stem Cell Therapy From Cellonis Biotechnologies Can Help Children With Diabetes Get Back Their Normal Lives
24 Aug 2010 AVI BioPharma Announces Positive Results Against Human Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus in Preclinical Studies of AVI-7100
23 Aug 2010 Nature Medicine Publishes AVI BioPharma Preclinical Studies Demonstrating Post-Exposure Efficacy of PMOplus(TM) Oligomers Against Ebola and Marburg Viruses
23 Aug 2010 Alnylam and Collaborators Publish New Pre-clinical Research on Therapeutic Silencing of Parkinson's Disease Gene
19 Aug 2010 International Stem Cell Corporation Formalizes Stem Cell-Based Eye Care Programs into Cytovis
19 Aug 2010 StemCells, Inc. Reports Breakthrough Using Human Neural Stem Cells to Restore Motor Function in Chronic Spinal Cord Injury
18 Aug 2010 Quark Pharmaceuticals and Major Pharmaceutical Company Enter into Licensing Option Agreement for the p53 Suppressor Drug QPI-1002, the First siRNA Administered Systemically in Human

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