COVAXX’s COVID-19 Vaccine, UB-612, Induced Neutralizing Antibodies in 100% of Participants During Phase 1 Clinical Trial

  • Phase 1 clinical trial evaluated two inoculations of COVAXX’s COVID-19 vaccine across three dose levels (10, 30 and 100 µg) in 60 healthy adults ages 20-55 years
  • UB-612 was generally well-tolerated and had a reassuring safety profile
  • UB-612 induced antigen-specific polyfunctional CD4+/CD8+ T cell responses
  • After 2 doses of 100 ug of UB-612, virus-specific neutralizing antibodies were induced in 100% of participants

DALLAS, TX, USA I February 08, 2021 I COVAXX, a U.S. company developing UB-612, a multitope protein/synthetic peptide-based vaccine to fight COVID-19, today announced positive interim Phase 1 data from its open-label COVID-19 clinical trial conducted in Taiwan. This study, which evaluated the safety, tolerability, and immunogenicity of UB-612, showed that the vaccine was generally well-tolerated and elicited robust antibody responses comparable to those seen in human convalescent sera.

UB-612 was well-tolerated and had a reassuring safety profile

Overall, the vaccine was well-tolerated and very few solicited and unsolicited adverse events (AEs) were observed. Minimal local or systemic AEs were observed after dose 1 and 2, with no increase in reactogenicity after the second dose. Almost all AEs were mild (Grade 1) and of <2-day duration and no Serious AEs (SAEs) were observed. The trial is ongoing and all participants are being followed up to day 196.

UB-612 induced neutralizing antibodies in 100% of participants

All subjects developed neutralizing antibodies after two doses of the vaccine. At the 100 ug dose level, anti-S1-RBD and viral neutralizing antibody responses compared favorably to responses observed in hospitalized patients who had recovered from COVID-19.

Favorable product profile

UB-612 is stable at temperature 2°C to 8°C, allowing for successful cold chain management with existing infrastructure.

The vaccine candidate is designed to mimic a natural infection to activate both antibody (B-cell) and cellular (T-cell) arms of the immune system to generate protective neutralizing antibodies and cytotoxic T-cells against SARS-CoV-2. The UBI technology platform has been successful in commercializing vaccines for infectious disease in animal health and is currently in clinical trials for other indications.

“These results are very promising,” said Gray Heppner, MD, FACP, FASTMH, Chief Medical Officer of COVAXX. ”We are encouraged by the data and are accelerating our Phase 2/3 program to deploy a safe and effective vaccine candidate to combat this pandemic.”

COVAXX is currently in Phase 2 clinical trials of UB-612 in Taiwan with a grant from Taiwan's Ministry of Health and Welfare, and will soon begin Phase 2/3 trials in India in partnership with Aurobindo. COVAXX has an agreement with Diagnosticos da America SA (DASA S.A.), the largest clinical diagnostic company in Brazil, to conduct Phase 2/3 clinical trials and distribute vaccines within Brazil. COVAXX also announced a global logistics partnership with Maersk, the world’s largest shipping and integrated logistics provider, that creates a framework for all transportation and supply chain services that will be needed to deliver COVAXX’s UB-612 around the world. COVAXX has advance purchase commitments and agreements for its UB-612 vaccine to deliver doses across multiple countries including low income countries.

UB-612 Fact Sheet:

About COVAXX. COVAXX is a subsidiary of United Biomedical Inc (UBI), founded in 1985. The company is a scientific trailblazer creating technological firsts, including the manufacture and commercialization of more than 100 million antibody blood tests, and 5 billion vaccine doses against infectious diseases in animal health. With proprietary access to UBI's core technology platforms, COVAXX can develop and commercialize high precision antibody tests and a promising COVID-19 vaccine that together would form a unique Differentiating Infected from Vaccinated Individuals (DIVI) system.

COVAXX (not to be confused with single "x" COVAX) is developing UB-612, the first multitope peptide-based vaccine designed to activate both B and T-cell arms of the immune system to fight against SARS-CoV-2.

COVAXX announced a global logistics partnership with Maersk, the world's largest shipping and integrated logistics provider, that creates a framework for all transportation and supply chain services that will be needed to deliver COVAXX's UB-612 vaccine around the world.

For more information on the COVAXX/UBI antibody test and the synthetic, peptide-based vaccine against COVID-19, visit and follow us on social media @covaxxvaccine


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