Metaclipse Therapeutics Awarded Funding from NIAID for COVID-19 Vaccine Development

ATLANTA, GA, USA I July 20, 2020 I Metaclipse, a late-stage biotechnology company developing next-generation vaccines with a particular focus on treatments for the elderly, has been awarded $2.2 million by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to support its efforts to develop a COVID-19 vaccine.

This first stage of funding from NIAID is critical to enable ongoing development of our COVID-19 vaccine candidates,” said Shaker J C Reddy, the President and CEO of Metaclipse. “We commend NIAID for its role as a vital partner to bridge the funding gap for innovative biotech companies like Metaclipse. Metaclipse has a robust vaccine platform and is working tirelessly to create a vaccine against this growing epidemic and plans to advance to clinical trials by the fourth quarter of 2021.”

Metaclipse is currently developing a more effective influenza vaccine for the elderly based on a modified influenza virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine approach. Metaclipse uses its technology to incorporate natural adjuvants, called cytokines, which are attached to the surface of VLPs. These modified VLPs are more effective than unmodified influenza VLPs at generating an immune response to different influenza strains in old and young animals.

Oftentimes, vaccines become less efficient at developing an immune response in elderly patients. However, preclinical trials have shown that Metaclipse’s technology effectively addresses this problem.

"Finding a vaccine that protects the elderly and those at high risk is critical in the fight against COVID-19,” said Dr. Lee Herron, Vice President, Venture Development at the Georgia Research Alliance. "We're pleased to have been an early supporter of Metaclipse and look forward to the results of its next phase."

About Metaclipse

Metaclipse Therapeutics is a preclinical stage biotechnology company licensing the technology out of Emory University. Metaclipse is currently developing membrane-anchored adjuvants for use in vaccine approaches for cancer and infectious diseases. The cancer approach using this technology is called Membrex™, and is personalized to treat patients’ specific tumors. Metaclipse’s infectious vaccine approach using this technology is termed Vaxrex™. It is a novel vaccine platform tailored for the elderly. Visit for more information. Metaclipse’s technology is still in development. Therefore, some aspects of our approaches may be subject to change. However, we are committed to using our technology to improve treatments for cancer and infectious diseases.

About Georgia Research Alliance

The Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) grows Georgia’s economy by expanding university research capacity and seeding and shaping startup companies around inventions and discoveries. For over thirty years, GRA has worked to strengthen the university research enterprise in Georgia by working in partnership with the University System of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Economic Development to create the companies and jobs of Georgia's future. Visit for more information.

SOURCE: Metaclipse Therapeutics

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