Altimmune Announces Positive Results for ALT-702 in Preclinical Model of Colorectal Cancer

Preclinical study shows systemic activity of ALT-702 following local administration

Altimmune granted U.S. patent providing broad coverage of platform technology

GAITHERSBURG, MD, USA I January 23, 2020 I Altimmune, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALT), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company today announced that the Company’s immuno-oncology product candidate, ALT-702, met a key pre-clinical efficacy milestone with the demonstration of systemic antitumor activity following intra-tumoral injection in an individual solid tumor.

The aggressive tumor model is based on the murine CT26 colorectal carcinoma cell line and involved the establishment of a tumor in each flank of a mouse. In the study, three doses of ALT-702 were injected into one tumor mass over 5 days with concomitant treatment with an anti-CTLA4 antibody immune checkpoint inhibitor administered intraperitoneally. Tumor regression was noted in both injected (88%) and non-injected (38%) lesions, and overall survival in the ALT-702 + anti-CTLA4 group was markedly better than either agent alone.

“These data represent a key milestone for the development of ALT-702 and are highly supportive of the immune-mediated antitumor activity of ALT-702,” said Vipin K. Garg, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of Altimmune. “ALT-702 represents a platform technology designed to be used with a variety of immune stimulants and we are excited about the potential of this approach in multiple tumor types.”   

Additionally, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted US Patent No. 10,434,183 (the ‘183 patent) entitled “Immunogenic Compound.” The ‘183 patent provides coverage for important elements of the Company’s ALT-702 cancer immunotherapy product candidate. The issued patent will expire no earlier than 2034. “The ‘183 patent is the second granted patent supporting ALT-702 and will provide further IP coverage for the ALT-702 development program. The Company was previously granted U.S. Patent No. 9,962,453 covering immunostimulatory compounds, including ALT-702.

About ALT-702

ALT-702 is a targeted tumor immunostimulant designed to act locally to reverse local immunosuppression within the tumor microenvironment and stimulate systemic antitumor immune responses. The ALT-702 technology is a novel synthetic peptide conjugate technology platform designed to retain and concentrate immunostimulants within a tumor leading to enhanced immune stimulation without the safety risk of systemic inflammation. ALT-702 represents a new approach in immuno-oncology that can act alone or improve the effectiveness of immune checkpoint inhibitors, oncolytic viruses or other approaches in immuno-oncology.

About Altimmune

Altimmune is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing treatments for liver disease and immune modulating therapies. Our diverse pipeline includes next generation peptide therapeutics for NASH (ALT-801) and chronic hepatitis B (HepTcell™), conjugated immunostimulants for the treatment of cancer (ALT-702) and intranasal vaccines (NasoVAX™ and NasoShield™). For more information on Altimmune, please visit

SOURCE: Altimmune

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