Fibriant Expands License Adding Recombinant Human (pro)thrombin to Existing Recombinant Fibrinogen Capability

Company on track for clinical studies with RecoSeelTM in mild-to-moderate bleeding in 2021

LEIDEN, The Netherlands I December 05, 2019 I Fibriant B.V., a developer of innovative recombinant fibrin(ogen) technology and products, today announced that it has expanded the existing recombinant fibrinogen license agreement with Bioceros B.V. for the use of their CHOBC® expression technology to also include development and manufacturing of recombinant human (pro)thrombin. Fibriant has developed a scalable recombinant human fibrinogen manufacturing platform based on the CHOBC® technology to produce specific recombinant fibrinogen variants with unique functional properties. Expanding the license with recombinant (pro)thrombin, enables Fibriant to develop a suite of fully recombinant fibrin-based topical products, based on different fibrinogen variants, with applications in hemostasis, regenerative medicine and host-defense.

Jaap Koopman, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, said: “Expanding the license agreement enables Fibriant to independently develop both active components, thrombin and fibrinogen, required for our lead product RecoSeelTM. This first fully recombinant fibrin-based topical hemostat product, is expected to enter clinical testing for mild-to-moderate bleeding in early 2021. It also allows Fibriant to develop other breakthrough innovations in the field of hemostasis and tissue repair.”

About Fibriant (

Fibriant was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Leiden, The Netherlands. The company is led by a team with extensive scientific, product development and business experience in hemostasis. Fibriant leverages its expertise in recombinant fibrin(ogen) technology to develop and market innovative healthcare solutions for the hemostasis, host-defense and regenerative medicine markets.

Thrombin-induced conversion of soluble fibrinogen into an insoluble fibrin matrix, following injury, is not only a pivotal step in blood coagulation, but also is part of the first line host-defense against invading pathogens and regulates, tissue repair, remodeling and regeneration. Recombinant production of different, naturally occurring fibrinogen variants, each with unique functional properties, facilitates the development of tailor-made products with an improved safety and efficacy profile for the different market segments.

SOURCE: Fibriant

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