Alpine Immune Sciences Presents New Preclinical Data at The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) 34th Annual Meeting

Preclinical data support unique mechanism of action of ALPN-202 as a first in class conditional CD28 Agonist

ALPN-202 able to increase CD8+ T-cells in tumors

ALPN-202 has potent monotherapy activity and significantly improves upon the activity of multiple anticancer therapies in preclinical models

SEATTLE, WA, USA I November 08, 2019 I Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:ALPN), a leading clinical-stage immunotherapy company focused on developing innovative treatments for cancer, autoimmune/inflammatory, and other diseases, today presented new preclinical data on ALPN-202, a conditional CD28 costimulator and dual checkpoint inhibitor for the treatment of advanced malignancies, at The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) 34th Annual Meeting. ALPN-202 is Alpine’s lead oncology program and remains on track to initiate a first-in-human clinical trial by the first quarter of 2020.

ALPN-202 is designed to improve upon the safety and efficacy of existing combination checkpoint and/or costimulation therapeutic strategies. One poster presents mechanistic data supporting that ALPN-202 inhibits both the PD-L1 and CTLA-4 checkpoint pathways while also providing PD-L1-dependent CD28 costimulation, as intentionally designed. A second poster demonstrates the ability of ALPN-202 to improve significantly upon the activity of existing cancer therapeutics when given alone and/or in combination in preclinical models. In addition, crystallographic study suggests that ALPN-202 binds PD-L1 and CD28 at distinct, non-overlapping epitopes enabling its potentially unique functionality:

P793. ALPN-202, a Conditional CD28 Costimulator and Dual Checkpoint Inhibitor, Utilizes Multiple Mechanisms to Elicit Potent Anti-Tumor Immunity Superior to Checkpoint Blockade

P467. ALPN-202, a Conditional CD28 Costimulator and Dual Checkpoint Inhibitor, Enhances the Activity of Multiple Standard of Care Modalities

Immune checkpoint inhibitors targeting the PD-1/PD-L1 and/or CTLA-4 pathways have demonstrated clinical activity in multiple cancers, but many patients still experience inadequate anti-tumor responses and/or relapse, which may be in part due to insufficient anti-tumor T cell activation and/or exhaustion. At the same time, combinations of checkpoint inhibitors and/or costimulatory agents can result in excessive immune-related toxicities. “ALPN-202 is engineered to address both of these issues by promoting T cell activity, but primarily only in a tumor-specific fashion, to produce specific, durable anti-tumor immune responses,” said Stanford Peng, MD PhD, Alpine’s President and Head of Research and Development. “These data continue to encourage us regarding the potential for ALPN-202 as a new, first-in-class cancer immunotherapy. We continue to look forward to initiating our first clinical trial of ALPN-202.”

The full poster presentations can be found at: and

About ALPN-202

ALPN-202 is a first-in-class, conditional CD28 costimulator and dual checkpoint inhibitor, which has the potential to improve upon the efficacy of combined checkpoint inhibition while limiting significant toxicities. Preclinical studies of ALPN-202 have successfully demonstrated superior efficacy in tumor models compared to checkpoint inhibition alone. We anticipate initiation of the first-in-human clinical study of ALPN-202 to begin by the first quarter of 2020.

About Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc.

Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc. is committed to leading a new wave of immune therapeutics, creating potentially powerful multifunctional immunotherapies to improve patients’ lives via unique protein engineering technologies. Alpine has two lead programs. The first, ALPN-101 for autoimmune/inflammatory diseases, is a selective dual T-cell costimulation blocker engineered to reduce pathogenic T and B cell immune responses by blocking ICOS and CD28. The second, ALPN-202 for cancer, is a conditional CD28 costimulator and dual checkpoint inhibitor. Alpine is backed by world-class research and development capabilities, a highly-productive scientific platform, and a proven management team. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Alpine Immune Sciences

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