Free report: TOP 25 Pharma Groups analyzed for sales, R&D costs, operating and net income by business segments

STUTTGART, Germany I January 18, 2019 I La Merie Publishing prepared and released a free management report containing a compilation and analysis of the key financial data of global Pharma Groups with revenues of more than US$ 10 bln in the fiscal year 2017. The report entitled „TOP 25 Pharma Groups in 2017: Ranking and Analysis by Revenues, Sales, Business Segments, R&D Costs, Operating & Net Income is available for free download in our new website :

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The report ranked the TOP 25 Pharma Groups by total revenues, total R&D costs, operating income and net income. Human pharmaceutical sales as well as non-pharma revenues of the TOP 25 Pharma Groups were analyzed by business segments.

All 25 health care companies with a substantial pharmaceutical business together posted total revenues of US$ 714.2 bln in the fiscal year 2017. Nearly half of the 25 companies are headquartered in Europe, two in Japan and the remaining companies in North America. The 25 companies spent on average 17.3% of their total revenues (US$ 4.94 bln) in research and development (R&D). Operating income on average was 20.3% (5.79 bln) of total revenues and their mean net income was 11.0 % of total revenues corresponding to US$ 3.129 bln.

In total, US$ 504.6 bln (70.7%) of the total revenues corresponded to sales of originator, patent-protected human ethical pharmaceutical drugs. Total sales of generics & biosimilars by this group of 25 companies reached US$ 36.6 bln (5.1% of total revenues). Consumer health care (CHC) and over the counter (OTC) product sales corresponded to 5.6% (US$ 40.2 bln) of total revenues. Plasma products accounted for US$ 3.77 bln (0.5%) of all revenues.

Other, non-pharmaceutical revenues included sales of vaccines (US$ 25 bln = 3.5%), animal health care products (US$ 13.2 bln = 1.9%), diagnostics (US$ 12.1 bln = 1.7%), devices & instruments (US$ 32.7 bln = 4.6%) and CMO business (US$ 1.4 bln = 0.2%). Further revenues originated from sales of products of crop sciences, life science and performance materials (US$ 20.5 bln = 2.9%) and from varous other sources e.g. royalties, service, financial, which were US$ 19.0 bln (2.7%).

Nine of the 25 TOP Pharma Groups generated their product sales only from originator, patent-protected human ethical pharmaceutical drugs. Ethical pharma sales ranged from US$ 6.97 up to 41.96 bln per company in the fiscal year 2017.

About La Merie Publishing

La Merie Publishing is an independent business information provider for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. La Merie Publishing prepares brief and full reports as well as competitor analysis reports and target pipeline lists, the latter two in a tabulated format with structured listings of industry-relevant data. La Merie Publishing products can be purchased in our new online store at and at selected Resellers.

The focus of our products is directed towards therapeutic biologics, such as antibodies, proteins, peptides, vaccines and gene & cell therapy. We pay special attention to biosimilar antibodies and proteins, antibody drug conjugates, bispecific antibodies, TCR & CAR engineered antibodies, mRNA vaccines & therapeutics, oncolytic viruses and immuno-oncology in general.

To leverage our expertise and knowledge accumulated in our in-house database, we offer custom report preparation services for corporate clients, including, but not limited to, pipeline analysis reports, drug profiles and any other competitive intelligence elaboration of interest for our clients.

SOURCE: La Merie Publishing

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