Biotest AG takes next step in developing a new haemophilia therapeutic to target patient needs

Biotest exercises its option and receives exclusive rights for haemophilia on the use of Affibody’s Albumod™ technology designed to prolong the half life of biopharmaceuticals  

Preclinical results suggest a high probability of success for improving properties of innovative new biopharmaceuticals in haemophilia

DREIEICH, Germany I December 4, 2018 I Biotest AG today announces to have finalized the research phase of the research license and option agreement signed in 2015 and decided to exercise its option. Biotest will receive exclusive rights for further development and commercialization of its innovative new haemophilia product.

"Preclinical results so far with the Albumod™ technology are very promising and we believe in its potential for the development of improved protein drugs in Biotest's therapeutic areas such as haemophilia" says Dr Jörg Schüttrumpf, Senior Vice President Global Research Biotest.

Affibody will receive a license conversion fee and milestone payments as well as royalties.

About haemophilia
As a lifelong inherited bleeding disorder, haemophilia affects about 1 in 10,000 people worldwide. With estimated USD 11 billion in 2024, the global FVIII/FIX market is substantial and grows with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 1.8%. Haemophilia is one of a number of such disorders that prevent blood from clotting properly. People with haemophilia experience prolonged internal bleeding that can result from a seemingly minor injury. Bleeding into joints and muscles causes severe pain and disability while bleeding into major organs, such as the brain, can cause death. For more information on haemophilia, please visit the World Federation of Haemophilia website at

About the AlbumodTM platform
Affibody's AlbumodTM technology is designed to enhance the efficacy of biopharmaceuticals by extending their circulatory half-life, thereby allowing for less frequent dosing and less fluctuations of concentrations in blood. In addition to these patient benefits, the overall treatment costs could be reduced. For more information please refer to:

About Affibody AB
Affibody AB is a Swedish biotech company focused on developing next generation biopharmaceuticals based on its unique proprietary technology platforms: Affibody® molecules and AlbumodTM. Affibody is developing a portfolio of innovative drug projects and in addition, offers the half-life extension technology, AlbumodTM for outlicensing.

About Biotest
Biotest is a provider of plasma proteins and biological drugs. With a value added chain that extends from pre-clinical and clinical development to worldwide sales, Biotest has specialised primarily in the areas of clinical immunology, haematology and intensive medicine. Biotest develops and markets immunoglobulins, coagulation factors and albumin based on human blood plasma. These are used for diseases of the immune and haematopoietic systems. In addition, Biotest develops monoclonal antibodies in certain cancer indications and in systemic lupus erythematodes, an autoimmune disease, which are produced by recombinant technologies. Biotest has more than 1,600 employees worldwide. The ordinary and preference shares of Biotest AG are listed in the Prime Standard on the German stock exchange.

SOURCE: Biotest

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