M3 Biotechnology begins testing of its novel therapy NDX-1017 in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment

Recruitment underway in the United States and France

SEATTLE, WA, USA I September 13, 2018 I M3 Biotechnology, a Seattle-based therapeutics company dedicated to developing, first-in-class, regenerative therapeutics, has begun testing its lead therapy in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment in the United States and France.

The investigational drug, NDX-1017, is novel because it is designed to halt or reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, rather than just slow its progression.

“NDX-1017 is a novel therapy that employs a completely different mechanism of action than other drug candidates currently in development,” said Leen Kawas, PhD, CEO of M3 Biotechnology. “By amplifying key brain receptors, our novel therapy is designed to impact neurodegeneration and also promote the regeneration of brain tissue.”

Phase 1 testing for safety and tolerability in healthy young individuals is complete and testing in healthy elderly individuals is nearly complete. Preliminary results suggest the compound is well tolerated and exposure levels compare favorably to preclinical studies.

Preclinical trials of NDX-1017 have demonstrated the ability of the compound to promote neuro-regeneration and improve cognitive function. While the compound shows promise for a range of neurodegenerative diseases, including Parkinson’s, M3 Bio’s initial focus is in Alzheimer’s disease. The Phase 1 clinical trial is being conducted by Biotrial, Inc.

How to Participate

To inquire about participation in the trial, please contact Biotrial and specify the M3 Biotechnology Alzheimer’s study. In the United States, Biotrial can be reached at (844) 246-8459 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In France, Biotrial can be reached at 0 800 503 460. Further details on the study can be found on clinicaltrials.gov.

About M3 Biotechnology, Inc.

M3 Biotechnology is a Seattle-based clinical-stage company with a novel platform of disease-modifying therapies particularly relevant to neurodegenerative diseases, with a focus on Alzheimer’s. M3 Biotechnology is conducting Phase I clinical trials of its lead therapy for Alzheimer’s, which is designed to slow or stop disease progression as indicated by preclinical studies. For more information, visit www.m3bio.com.

SOURCE: M3 Biotechnology

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