Advanced Proteome Therapeutics and ImmunoBiochem Corporation enter into a Collaboration and Option Agreement

VANCOUVER and TORONTO, Canada I February 07, 2018 I Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation (APC), a therapeutics discovery and development company, and ImmunoBiochem Corporation, today announced entering into a Collaboration and Option agreement to develop superior antibody-drug conjugates.  The companies will evaluate the prospect of combining ImmunoBiochem’s proprietary antibody and APC’s site-selective conjugation technology to produce ADCs with superior properties, targeting triple-negative breast cancer.  

ImmunoBiochem, one of the winners of the Innovation Challenge at the 2018 RESI in San Francisco, is commercializing ADCs targeted against unique antigens in the secretome of cancer cells.  Upon successful evaluation, ImmunoBiochem has been granted the rights to license APC’s proprietary site-selective conjugation technology to further develop its antibody drug conjugate candidate towards the clinic.  The pre-negotiated licensing terms include upfront and milestone payments and royalties.   

“Evaluating APC’s technology to site-selectively modify our novel conjugates may help us create better drug candidates and generate a profound impact in the treatment of triple-negative breast cancer,” said Anton Neschadim, CEO of ImmunoBiochem Corporation.

“We are pleased to collaborate with ImmunoBiochem on this project, as this could result in developing premier cancer treatments for this challenging indication,” commented Randal Chase, CEO of Advanced Proteome Therapeutics.

APC´s technology enables the coupling of a cytotoxic payload site-selectively to an antibody of interest without the need for genetically engineering or enzymatically modifying it. This may yield more homogeneous products with certain additional advantages such as an increase in stability in the circulation, fewer side effects and facilitating further pre-clinical and clinical drug development.

About Advanced Proteome Therapeutics

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Corporation (APC) is developing a proprietary technology to directly target cancerous tumors and avoid destroying normal cells. This type of agent is capable of greater potency, higher specificity, and lower toxicity than other therapies that can also attack healthy cells.  Advanced Proteome is working to streamline the process by which these agents are prepared, which to date, has been extremely cumbersome, limiting their potential.

About ImmunoBiochem Corporation

ImmunoBiochem is a privately held biopharmaceutical company that has developed a disruptive approach to targeting unique proteins in the secretomes of cancer cells with Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) - an emerging class of anticancer therapeutics that combine the selectivity of targeted biologics with the potency of highly cytotoxic small-molecule drugs. ImmunoBiochem has identified a class of molecular targets that are secreted by cancer cells, but not healthy cells, and accumulate in the tumor microenvironment. These cancer targets possess unique properties enabling the highly-selective delivery of toxic payloads to cancer cells with engineered ADC therapeutics, while leaving normal cells unharmed. ImmunoBiochem’s next-generation ADCs for oncology aim to offer a superior safety profile and broad therapeutic window, preventing on-target toxicities against normal, healthy cells that are common with many ADCs. Its lead candidates are being developed for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) – an aggressive disease for which no targeted biological therapeutic treatment options are currently available.

SOURCE: ImmunoBiochem

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