VITRUVIAN BioMedical Licenses New Alzheimer’s Vaccine Targeting ABeta + TAU

DALLAS, TX, USA I October 4, 2017 I VITRUVIAN BioMedical, Inc. (“VITRUVIAN”), a biotechnology company, today announced obtaining the Exclusive License for a new Therapeutic Vaccine for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) from Dr. Yoh Matsumoto from the Immunotherapy Development Inc. in Saitama, Japan and the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Tokyo, Japan.

The AD Vaccine, YM7555, is a DNA Vaccine that targets both ABeta and TAU, which accumulate and are necessary for the development of AD. YM7555 delivers both genes, which code for the ABeta and TAU, to muscle cells where the corresponding peptide is then made. The immune system of the individual receiving the genes and making the peptides then makes antibodies against the peptides. The antibodies bind to the peptides and prevent them from accumulating, which could prevent the development and/or progression of AD. There is increasing emphasis on the need to target both ABeta and TAU for the treatment or prevention of AD.

The AD DNA Vaccine YM7555 has shown a major reduction in accumulation of ABeta and TAU and complete inhibition of phosphorylated TAU, which is the most toxic TAU form, in treated transgenic mice that carry an AD-related gene giving it the AD pathology.

Dr. Yoh Matsumoto is a leader in the field who has created and studied an AD DNA Vaccine for ABeta, which was very effective in inhibiting accumulation of ABeta in transgenic mice, was non-inflammatory and generated a strong immune response in monkeys without toxicity. Regarding the new AD DNA Vaccine YM7555 targeting both ABeta and TAU, Dr. Matsumoto said, “The best strategy for prevention or treatment of AD is to target both ABeta and TAU, since targeting only ABeta has not provided beneficial effects.”

Dr. Arthur P. Bollon, Chairman, CEO and a Founder of VITRUVIAN BioMedical, Inc., which has also been working on an ABeta DNA Vaccine, said, “Preventing accumulation of both ABeta and TAU should be effective in preventing AD since all cases of AD involve an accumulation of both peptides.” Some individuals have accumulation of ABeta but do not have AD.

VITRUVIAN is a biotechnology company focused on developing diagnostic tests, prevention and/or treatment for AD. One focus is AD DNA Vaccines, which could be more specific and efficacious than other modalities. Another focus is developing an early stage AD Blood Test to identify individuals for the AD DNA Vaccines. For more information, please contact Arthur P. Bollon, PhD at 469-585-7613 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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