Ember Therapeutics Announces Publication in Circulation of Data Validating Utility of BMP-7 to Regulate Scar Formation in the Heart

NEW YORK, NY, USA I July 17, 2017 I Ember Therapeutics, Inc. (OTCQB:EMBT), a diversified New York-based pharmaceutical company developing targeted therapies for osteoarthritis, fibrosis, and other regenerative medicines, today announced that scientists have validated a molecular mechanism that regulates scar formation in the heart, a common manifestation of aging and nearly every form of heart disease. Additionally, scientist confirmed that a protein called bone morphogenetic protein 7 (BMP-7) can prevent the generation of fibrotic signals by cardiomyocytes and may be able to serve as a therapy for cardiac fibrosis. The data was published in the journal Circulation.

Tissue fibrosis is the leading cause of organ failure. There is a lack of effective therapies. Currently, the only cure for cardiac fibrosis is heart transplantation.

“This work validates that the use of BMP-7 as a unique therapeutic strategy to prevent cardiac fibrosis,” said Joseph Hernandez, Ember’s Executive Chairman. “Ember has an extensive patent portfolio of over 400 patents in the use of BMP-7 in fibrosis and other indications. We are delighted with this data and look forward to partnering our intellectual property in this area of severe clinical need,” added Mr. Hernandez.

About Ember Therapeutics, Inc. 
Ember Therapeutics, Inc. is a diversified pharmaceutical company commercializing and developing targeted therapies for pain, osteoarthritis, fibrosis and other regenerative medicines. In particular, Ember Therapeutics, Inc. has several commercial products and two late stage Phase 3 ready assets. For more information, please visit www.embertx.com

SOURCE: Ember Therapeutics

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